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Spiritual Drought

March 15, 2012

She is now very well versed in using Facebook and is posting a lot of Biblical verses and positive quotes (aside from looking for her long lost friends and relatives). I find that as a good sign that she is looking beyond cancer now. Due to a salary cut, I find it hard to make ends meet and had to let go of some of her supplements. She continues with juicing and daily coffee enemas though and has been nagging me to do the same.

These days,, my spiritual life is very dry.. I cant even pray or meditate.. I miss the intimacy I once had with God, the times when I know I have been keeping my steps aligned with His will, when I was so sure of what He wanted for me.. now am just drifting by.. like a raft in the middle of the sea..

surviving, not struggling, but not enjoying the journey..

I miss the times when I was doing exactly what I thought God wants me to do, despite all the uncertainties..I was quite sure that His promises will be enough to take care of my family.. now am just striving to take care of my family in the only way I know how (which is WORK WORK WORK)… and yet it seems its not enough..

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