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Artemisia Cousins (Damong Maria and Sweet Annie)

March 26, 2012

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I took my first sick leave in 2012.. due to a prolonged Premenstrual symptom (PMS) due to missed period. Tried to induce my menstruation on my own with coffee enemas for 2 consecutive days, eating lots of fiber, drinking juices and water, did not do the trick. I also took 100mg of Niacin, followed by a full body massage, then Suob (steam bath) and then also took activated charcoal. I sweated so much, that my skin felt so sticky. But the pain on my lower back and lower abdomen (puson) was only relieved for a few hours.
So by late afternoon last Thursday, I decided to to go Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. The TCM doctor gave me 14 sachets of brown powdered herbs (all of them unknown to me). I went to work on Friday, and took the sachets with me to the office. Saturday morning, I was still feeling miserable… tried to look for the fresh herbs I ordered from Green Circle.. one of them is neem and the other is called Hia (a chinese herb)…
The herbs from Green Circle are freshly picked (not powdered). Boiled both neem leaves and “Hia”/artemisia annua/wormwood in a pot of water, and drank a mug it, Nanay and Zarah had one cup each.

Nanay told me that “Hia” is actually called artemisa in the Philippines. Then I remember artemisa being a scientific name for wormwood, a herb known in the US to be anti-parasitic.
Then somehow, I begin to make the links between anti-parasitic herbs and herbs that helps to induce menstruation… and came upon this big word “Emmenagogues”
Emmenagogues are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus; some stimulate menstruation. Women have used plants such as mugwort, parsley and ginger to prevent or terminate early pregnancy (see Abortifacient). Others use emmenagogues to stimulate menstrual flow when menstruation is absent for reasons other than pregnancy, such as hormonal disorders or conditions like oligomenorrhea (infrequent or light menses).
Mugwort (commonly known in the US as wormwood), happened to be anti-parasitic too…
Apparently there are different types of artemisia, the 2 well known ones are
– Artemisia vulgaris (known as Damong Maria in the Philippines, known as mugwort in the US)
– Artemisia Annua (known as Hia in chinese, and just called artemisa in the Phillippines, known as wormwood in the U.S)

Introducing the cousins => Damong Maria and Sweet Annie

Damong Maria, mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris (also a good anti-parasitic herb, but I have not seen any study supporting its anti-cancer properties)

It was said that the combination of both artemisia vulgaris and artemisia annua, makes it a more potent anti- parasitic.
“The herb itself, Artemisia annua, is one of the best things for PMS, cramping, excessive bleeding and all symptoms of hyper-estrogenemia and hyperprolactinemia.” Dr. Hoang, MD
So, what are the other compounds found in Artemisia?

Apigenin is described as a nonmutagenic bioflavonoid which is presented in leafy plants and vegetables (e.g., parsley, artichoke, basil, celery) and has significant chemopreventive activity against UV-radiation. Current research trials indicate that it may reduce DNA oxidative damage; inhibit the growth of human leukemia cells and induced these cells to differentiate; inhibit cancer cell signal transduction and induce apoptosis; act as an anti-inflammatory; and as an anti-spasmodic or spasmolytic.

Sweet Annie (Artemisia Annua) .. get it? Annua = Annie =Sweet wormwood = Sweet Annie ==> this have potent anti-parasitic and anti-cancer properties


Artemisinin has been used for about 30 years in Vietnam and China for cancer treatment. And the experience with artemisinin for this purpose is increasing. This history probably led to the recent cited cancer research with artemisinin.

Artemisinin is a chemical compound extracted from the wormwood plant, Artemisia annua L. It has been shown to selectively kill cancer cells in vitro and retard the growth of implanted fibrosarcoma tumors in rats. In the present research, we investigated its mechanism of cytotoxicity to cancer cells.

This rapid induction of apoptosis in cancer cells after treatment with DHA indicates that artemisinin and its analogs may be inexpensive and effective cancer agents
Selective toxicity of dihydroartemisinin and holotransferrin toward human breast cancer cells
Artemisinin becomes cytotoxic in the presence of ferrous iron. Since iron influx is high in cancer cells, artemisinin and its analogs selectively kill cancer cells under conditions that increase intracellular iron concentrations. We report here that after incubation with holotransferrin, which increases the concentration of ferrous iron in cancer cells, dihydroartemisinin, an analog of artemisinin, effectively killed a type of radiation-resistant human breast cancer cell in vitro. The same treatment had considerably less effect on normal human breast cells. Since it is relatively easy to increase the iron content inside cancer cells in vivo, administration of artemisinin-like drugs and intracellular iron-enhancing compounds may be a simple, effective, and economical treatment for cancer.

Ok, in simple English… cancer cells need Iron to quickly replicate. Our bodies also need Iron (absorbable iron) too, but it has to be the absorbable iron that we can get from good food (not supplements… remember that Gerson does not support IRon supplements- NO TO IRON SUPPLEMENTS in Gerson Therapy). The bad thing about Iron (the free form kind) is, sometines we have an excess of non-absorbable iron that cancer cells feed on. And somehow, there seems to be a link between parasites, irregular menstruation, delayed menstruation and cancer… IT makes sense right, delayed menstruation probably means the parasites are feasting on our blood ==> which can also be our menstrual flow. Cancer cells, with its fast growing blood vessels use up our Iron-supply.. so a lot of cancer patients also have anemia… So, what do we do now, with all that excess free form Iron?

Guess what, artemisinin becomes “Cytotoxic” meaning toxic to cancer cells in the prescence of Iron…therefore the more free form Iron is in the blood, the happier artemisinin is ==> as it converts itself to a mean cancer fighting machine… toxic to cancer cells but not to normal cells… what can get any better than that? Chemo is toxic to both normal and cancer cells.. thats why it kills cancer cells and the host. Artemisinin a compound found in artemisia…is toxic ONLY to cancer cells.

One common characteristic of the herb Artemisia (wormwood) & turmeric, is that both of them have anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti- cancer properties,, and DIRT CHEAP.

Anyways, just want to reiterate that Damong Maria (Artemisia vulgaris) and Sweet Annie (Artemisia Annua) are cousins but they are not the same. Artemisia Annua (Hia, Qing Hao or Sweet Annie or wormwood) is the one that has been studied extensively as a “possible” inexpensive and effective cancer treatment ..
Now, I begin to believe Dr. Hulda Clark, that Cancer is indeed caused by parasites, (bacteria, microbes and fungi).. that fungi is part of the lifecycle of a bacteria/microbes…that Parasite cleansing should really be part of a holistic cancer treatment (not only to address digestive issues, but to actually kill cancer cells as well)…..

Here are some studies that relates:

1.) Menstrual issues to bowel, liver and, adrenal kidney issues, meaning women having menstrual issues were treated with food, herbs, supplements and natural progesterone to address bowel, liver, kidney and adrenal issues.

Most of the herbs used in this study such as burdock, licorice, dong quai etcetera are all used as Emmenagogues, and also have anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. It also makes it possible that pregnancy, as well as inducing mentstruation (via natural progesterone), can heal breast cancer and other hormone related diseases like endometriosis, as it forces our body to release blood==> IRON…and probably even the cancer cells (our body treats tumuor as if it is a baby==so it nourishes it.. when immunity is supressed our bodies cant really tell if its a baby or cancer==> so it keeps nourishing the tumuor)==> birthing causes all of these hormones and probably even cancer cells to get out of our bodies.

2.) Pangpa-regla (Emmenagogues) being sold in Quiapo, Manila in the Philippines usually used to terminate/abort unwanted pregnancies, can probably helped those who genuinely need it for health reasons..

Note: due to Moral and health reasons, I do not support abortion. But I do believe that herbs used for abortion can probably cure cancer and other women related illnesses if used in proper dosage. All of these herbs control progesterone, which are “messengers” in our bodies telling our organs to nourish a baby and even an unwelcomed visitor such as cancer cells and parasites. When a pregnant woman is nearing childbirth, the level of progeterone drops significantly, that the uterus stops nourishing the baby, and pushes it out of the body. I believe the effect would be the same for parasites and cancer cells.

Read the following with discretion:

Its probably a good time to review the Unitarian or Tropoblastic Theory as a Cause of Cancer.

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  1. giovanni permalink
    May 20, 2014 11:11 pm

    Someone can help me to find artemisia annua in philippines, thank you here is my email

  2. October 23, 2014 1:48 pm

    yes…i am also looking for the artemisia annua in our country…it is costly when bought abroad…
    please help…

    • October 25, 2014 7:15 am

      Maria our artemisia is jus a local weed we just get enougj for family consumption.. Herbs shldnt be abused.. Where are u located? I think it grows everywhere unless ur in thw north or south pole.. Harvest it just a few days before the full moon and before it flowers.. I dont buy commercial artemisia as i dont know how it is harvested.. Wild crafted herbs are always superior.. Thats the one ultimately handed by God to man

      • kat permalink
        April 19, 2015 4:07 am

        Hi, im frOm dasma cavite and i Have the same symptims but this time i can feel them in my throat and nostrils.
        Do you know where i can get the herbs? Pleease help, thank you.

      • vanessa regis permalink
        November 24, 2015 2:16 pm

        my daughter has a school research and they are in dire need of artemisia annua (sweet annie), we have been searching for months but didn’t find this particular specie/variety.can you help us?

      • November 24, 2015 2:19 pm

        where are you based / living?

      • November 24, 2015 2:20 pm

        if you are in Singapore i could help you, but if you are in Philippines sorry cant help

      • November 28, 2015 12:16 pm

        sorry if I disappoint you all.. herbs need to be respected.. you cant treat it the way you treat over the counter drugs.. walk in nature as much as you can.. daily if possible.. if you are in a city move to a country or province where weeds / herbs are allowed to grow undisturbed.. pls dont create a false market demand and get every crook selling weeds on the internet and get everyone buting it without knowdleged of what it is… and then blame the herbs altogether if it doesnt work.. walk and find the natural herbs that grow freely where you live

  3. paul mahinay permalink
    May 16, 2015 2:52 pm

    we really need it so badly as i am the one who is taking care of my sister’s natural remedy against her accute leukemia..i dont want to rely only by the hospital’s treatment..we need only not to treat her but to cure her..she only regains strength after undergoing chemotherapy.
    please help me find ways to locate the artemisia source.
    we are residing here in brgy pasong tamo, quezon city.
    thanks for your generous effort..God will repay you sister is already a widow.
    God bless..

  4. Cossette permalink
    February 7, 2016 10:51 pm

    I just had left mastectomy and had stopped chemotherapy due to its debilitating effects in my body/system,,,, I used to have problem only with my left breast but now there are other problems….such as enlarged heart, pleural effusion or tubig sa baga… and there are tumors growing under my armpit and neck……HELP….. I am really in need of help……

  5. juvy e.demesa permalink
    March 19, 2016 10:33 am

    hi.i have artamesa question is, wat is the procedure of is ok if i will make it (raw)shake? or boil? a stage1breast cancer patient..hope you can help me..


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