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Oats and Rye Bread in Gerson Therapy

April 5, 2012

All grains except Oats and Rye Bread are prohibited in Gerson Therapy. Rolled Oats soaked for at least 12 hours and then cooked slowly and eaten in small amounts is allowed and 1 slice of Rye Bread per day is allowed too. AM not sure if this is a coincidence Oats=> low phytase and Rye ==> high phytase. The wisdom of Dr. Max Gerson never fails to amaze me. Even sprouts are NOT allowed, because it is hard to digest. Raw foodist who dont have cancer or any digestive issues will probably be ok, eating sprouts. But for cancer patients, SPROUTS is a NO-NO during the first few years on the therapy (presumably because cancer patients have very weak digestive systems). However, later on, once their bodies heal, they can start eating sprouts again, in small amounts.

I am also not surprised why OATS is allowed in Gerson diet.. it is because it chelates non-absorbable iron. Non absorbable iron is food for cancer cells… less non-absorbale iron in a cancer patient’s body,, the lestt chance for cancer cells to survive.

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However, in Zarah’s case who need all the calcium and iron as part of growing up.. and who eats Oats with Milo everyday, I am really getting concerned about the amount of phosporous she is getting. I am trying my best to transition her out of oats to buckwheat (high phytase).. and to learn how to appreciate carob instead of Milo.. but its an uphill battle, as Zarah seems to be subsisting on a monodiet these days…

Oh by the way, tomorrow is Good Friday, our cell group members and our family are going to the Singapore Quarry site (now a park) at the bottom of Bukit Timah Hill at 6:00am tomorrow. Praying for a good weather, and cell group members who will wake up early enough to meet us at Rail Mall. Also praying for the guts to not eat any solid food tomorrow and on Saturday.

I was also assigned by our Pastor to discuss Exodus Chapter 2-4 to our cell group members, who are mostly coming from a Baptist background (1 is a brother of a Pastor, the other is a daughter of a Pastor, while the rest have been Baptists almost since childhood). Ive been meditating on the following verses during my walks:

John 15:5, Psalms 20:7, Matthew 22:37:38 and John 14:21.

Ive read a book that suggests memorizing a verse while walking as part of meditation. This way, all unnecessary thoughts and worries are set aside for at least 30 minutes (or for at least how long your are walking/exercising).

Last night, Nanay seems to be restless, I can sense she is worrying about something. Probably fearing cancer spreading? One of our Singaporean friends succumbed to lung cancer (and presumably chemo therapy) last 2 weeks. Nanay passed the opportunity to go to the wake. Even if she is not telling me, I am sure she is affected.

Showed her the book that says, walking and memorizing Bible verses is meditative and healing.. Saw her writing some notes in her notebook..she also reminded me to prepare for the Bible study on Saturday and that we dont miss worship service on Sunday.

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  1. Lia permalink
    July 19, 2012 10:48 pm

    I read some of Max Gerson’s books and saw some Charlotte Gerson’s videos on youtube and when they talked about the oatmeal, I never saw either of them talk about soaking them ever. Charlotte just added the oatmeal and pure water to a glass/stainless steel pot at a 3:1 ratio (oatmeal:water) and when it got hot enough let it simmer covered for 7-9 minutes. Where do they ever talk about soaking the oatmeal or is that your own change? Thanks.

  2. Lia permalink
    July 19, 2012 10:49 pm

    Sorry meant 1:3 (oatmeal:water) ratio, so it was kind of soupy.

  3. July 19, 2012 10:57 pm

    probably my own change.. or combined with other things I have read.. between cooking oatmeal and soaking it.. id rather soak it for 12 hours…

    by the way, for my daughter I also add walnut & black sesame powder to her oatmeal as she cant eat oatmeal without Milo… this to counteract too much phosporous in Milo with the natural calcium from black sesame seeds…

  4. lisa permalink
    June 13, 2013 8:13 pm

    anyone have a gerson rye bread recipe for a bread maker?

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