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Natural Skin care

April 16, 2012

Lately, I have been trying to pull myself out of depression, by trying to do the things I loved to do about 7 years ago, (facials, massage, sauna and reading up on feel good books).. is it a sign that we are already out of the danger zone? I really hope so…

2 weeks ago, our cell group host and close friend,,, invited us for a swim.. we also went for a steam bath/sauna.. it was really relaxing.. and I did’nt feel guilty about feeling good .. :)!!

Then I visited a beauty blog, which has hundreds of DIY facial treatments.. for example

DIY Facial cleanser

Just like Sesame I was a milk thief. I used Zarah’s preschool milk powder (Karihome goat’s milk preschool formula), dissolved in drops of water just enough to make a paste.

Day 1: 2 scoops of powdered milk, a bit of water, 1 calamansi, 1 tsp honey
Day 2: 2 scoops of milk,water, calamansi, turmeric powder (1 tsp)
followed by bentonite clay mask (with 1/8 teaspoon of papaya powder)

On the second day, my blackheads on my nose, and cheeks are gone. But the blackheads on the chin are still there

Day 3: 2 scoops of milk, water, calamansi, 1 tsp honey
then juiced an orange (drank the juice) and used the pulp as a Vitamin C serum (paying special attention to my chin)..

I also dipped a cotton swab to Tea Tree Oil to treat my pimples.

Blackheads on the chin gone!

I also gave Nanay a facial using the same formula.. Uhmm by the way, the brown spots on her face has reduced significantly this year (probably due to her Gerson diet, enemas and also the daily scrubbing of veggine/fruit pulps)…

Day 4: Trial of Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II
(yeah my cell group is into this lately).. 2 couples from our group has actually bought 2 units.. well after 10 minutes of the pre-cleanse,and then 2 other gels, my face became noticeably clearer. Today, I have noticed, that my pimples are drying out too.. not sure, if I should attribute it to the daily milk cleansers or the galvanic spa or both,, Oh well! I felt good anyway..!

Not sold on buying it yet though, since it is $650 sgd each and the gel costs $60sgd per month. I want to ensure that the gel contains natural ingredients and that the galvanic treatment does not have any side effect.

Apparantly, galvanic treatment is a type of electrotherapy, similar to TENS machine (the one used to treat our TMJ).. will research more on this..

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