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What really cured my tonsilitis

April 21, 2012

After a 3 day ordeal of another severe attack of tonsilitis, I have now another set of weapons on my arsenal. The last time I had this severe form of attack is 2003. I was even hospitalized as I cannot eat or drink and had to be given drips to prevent dehydration. After learning all that I have learned from Nanay’s cancer journey, I promised myself to do the best that I can not to take antibiotics and drips again.

What really cured this severe attack of tonsilitis?

Accurepressure – I performed this on myself on the second night that I cannot sleep due to severe headache, throbing pain in the throat, muscle aches everywhere

1.) accupressure for tonsilitis
It was really amazing! The throbing stopped even on step 2. Its still painful but the throbing sensations that went through my ear that makes me want to cry..and bang my head on the wall.. stopped.

2. accupressure for headaches
I used clothes pin to pinch my two big toes! Immediate relief! I also used rubber bands to wrap around my 2 big toes, when the clothes pin keep dropping out.

3. green juice (with ginger and potassium chloride)
apparently Moringga/Malunggay is a key ingredient of Septilin a polyherbal product used to cure chronic tonsilitis and other infections. Though I believe the immediate benefit to me is the supply of energy giving enzymes and vitamins/minerals to cheer my immune system to fight the bug.

4. garlic soup (yeah smells aweful and it will leak into your sweat)
5. zinc lozenges (so I could sip juice and water to revive myself)

6. daily coffee enema (I was forced to fast so my liver needs help to release the sudden flush of toxins due to absence of food..)

7. my white blood cells summoned by my fever (yes, when we have a fever, it increases white blood cells==> the marines to defend our bodies from the invaders)

8. prayers and meditation (though it has always been in my arsenal)

Note: I went to see the doctor on Day 2 anyway, to appease Nanay and some of my friends. Took the 7 day supply of Augmentin (625mg), paracetamol and antacids with me.. but kept in my cupboard. Why? On Day 2, which is when I started doing all of the above..I knew i was healing already. I just have to wait it out. Sure enough. I was healed already on Day 3. still weak and lethargic, but I can talk, eat and drink already.


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