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The Gerson Triad (Aspirin, Niacin and Vitamin C)

April 25, 2012

If a cancer patient is under Gerson therapy
No drugs should be taken except aspirin. Gerson’s prescription for pain relief consisted of the following: coffee enemas (given every two hours if necessary), 5 g of aspirin, 100 mg of vitamin C and 50 mg of niacin, up to four times in the course of 24 hours. He noted that this also produced restful sleep in even the worst cases

Gerson’s low-tech genius never fail to amaze me.. he got this down since the 1950’s..

Today, there are studies on mice that proves that Aspirin slows down tumuor growth and that it also lowers down cancer risk. What a better way to manage our everyday ills and pains..

Can Aspirin reduce cancer risk
Small doses of aspirin can significantly reduce bowel cancer risk

For pain relief, throw away your Panadol… buy Aspirin, niacin and Vitamin C instead!

Other than pain relief.. here is why this triad is important for Gerson patients and generally everyoneAnd can you believe it our local naturaly beauty bloggers use all 3 ingredients for their DIY concoctions?

DIY Aspirin Lip Scrub

DIY Niacin Rosewater toner
DIY Homemade Vitamin C serum

Perhaps then, I can give Nanay a facial, a massage and pain releiver in one using all 3!

Why do Gerson patients take high quantities of Niacin?

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  1. April 25, 2012 9:53 pm

    Hi Lanie, I must have read 3/4 of your entire blog last weekend after I first saw your link. I didn’t post any comment, though, as reading your blog felt like a major de javu to me.

    You see, my father passed away from lung cancer late 2010, just a day short of 2 weeks after his cancer was officially diagnosed. He didn’t suffer, though, and I’m proud of him as he didn’t let cancer eat him away. At 78, he passed away still a very handsome and dignified man. He left peacefully in his sleep.

    Like your Nanay, when he found out about the cancer, which–unfortunately–was at a very late stage (cancer had already metastasized to his bones and all other vital organs except the brain), my Daddy chose to go for an all-natural treatment. He didn’t want to go for chemo. At that time, I had already taken some interest in alternative medicine and natural beauty (my blog then was still fairly new) and hearing my Daddy’s decision made me feel like everything happened as part of an elaborate plan. If I had not known about natural healing earlier, it would have been much harder for me to do my research. I spent days and nights reading through online journals about alternative cancer treatment and symptoms management like Gerson Therapy, the Budwig Diet, administration of high dosage of Vit C, osteopathy, etc. I printed all valuable info, read them on my way to work and during my free time, made notes and sent everything I could find to my Mom, who in turn studied everything so she could communicate better with the doctors.

    I pray for your Mom’s recovery and I admire her will to live and your dedicated support in her chosen method of treatment. Her story, your story, reminds me of the love that kept my family together during our greatest moment of trials.

  2. April 26, 2012 11:36 am

    hi vivi,

    your comments kind of lifted my spirits today..sometimes I do feel that am not doing enough. Am sorry about your dad.. and just like you it makes me happy to see my mother battling cancer with dignity and with her natural beauty not fading away too fast…. I was also into reading a lot of books like Fit for Life and books by Deepak Chopra years before my mother’s diagnosis.. this is also the reason why 8 years ago, I went into a cleansing craze (meaning I went vegetarian for 6 months and did lots of internal cleansing)…I was probably unconsciously preparing for pregnancy (I really wanted to have a baby then with or without a husband he!! crazy I know)… so when I was pregnant with Zarah, I was quite fit.. and had a natural birth (Not even epidural).. thank God Zarah is very healthy except perhaps for her weak teeth enamel…

    and its probably to prepare me for this journey with Nanaytoo… I still I do get overwhelmed with too much information .. specially after reading Dr . Hulda Clarke’s books… reading and re-reading Gerson books gives me a lot of comfort though…and if I need to go out of my seemingly self-imposed isolation.. (alternative therapy is a very lonely road)… I visit your blog and Sesame’s blog…for some pick me up naturaly beauty tips… so I can keep myself perky and not bogged down… as the breadwinner and caregiver, I need to care for myself too right…? I am glad that you and sesame.. try to keep it natural and simple..

    About the cancer research… yeah.. researching takes a lot of my time.. and I really have to remind myself not to do it during office hours.. as it affects my performance.. but as you know, no matter what we do — cancer in the family eats into our consciousness.. it never goes away… we try to live a normal life as much as possible.. but it never goes away…I just hope that as we go through this journey.. we learn more to take care of ourselves…

    when I read through blogs like yours, I cant help to think about what made you start a natural beauty blog? why not a normal beauty blog like the others… were you touched by cancer too? questions that I dont dare to ask… but keeps popping in my head.. now that you wrote about it.. I have confirmed that somehow women who are more “aware” are women who were touched by some trials.. and end up being brave though still feminine in more ways than one..

    keep up the good work!!! and I hope that it does not touch your family ever again…

    thanks again for the encouragement and the kind words..


  3. Rosalina Defreitas permalink
    August 23, 2012 9:08 pm

    Niacin is a good supplement because it can keep cholesterol level down and it has also a mild anti-depressant effect. ;”*..

    With appreciation

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