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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (safe from toxins and full of love)

May 3, 2012

1.  A day before the big day, purchase the following

– Vitamin C serums (ready-made or diy ingredients)
– organic apple, orange and carrot
– Manuka honey
– organic yogurt
– a flannel cloth (if you dont have any)
– a nice aromatherapy candle
– facial mask (clay or any other mask)
– extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil
– aloe vera juice/gel (choose 100% organic)

the night before, find any of the following
– a favorite family video or album and then ensure she can easily view it from her favorite couch/sofa

2. Give her a pampering facial at home

– start by juicing a carrot, orange and an apple
– serve the juice in a tall glass with mint leaves
– while she is enjoying the juice, take the pulp and add 1 tbsp of yogurt & 1 tbsp of honey (this is your pre-cleanse micture)
– ask her to lie down in the sofa, play her favorite music and then lit the candle
– take clean flannel cloth and wring it in warm water
– put the flannel cloth on her face for a few minutes, then apply the pulp/yogur/honey  precleanse mixture
–  let it dry for a few minutes while she is viewing your family video (or you can just let her close her eyes)
– you can also massage her hands and feet with the precleanse mixture (if you have more than enough)
– use the flannel cloth to cleanse her face (optional you can wash her face while lying down or ask her was her own face)
– after a few minutes, apply the vitamin C serum on her face
– let stand for 15-20 minutes, she can view the family video again
– apply face mask then let her take a nap if she can
– remove the mask, in the same way you removed the precleanse mixture
– apply diy moisturiser and let other members of the family have a candid photo with her (Taking her photo with the mask will probably be fun too)

3. Last but not the least, watch “the Story of Cosmetics” together (you might just prevent cancer for her and for yourself after watching this)

CLick on the image to get to the video

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