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Group Buy: FCLO (Fermented Cod Liver Oil) from Green Pastures

May 4, 2012

Product InfoPremium Quality, Fermented, High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, Natural Flavor

Type: liquid
Weight (shipping): 1.10 lbs.
Volume: 237 ml

If you want to avail of the discounted price for group buyers. you need to : pay the retail price less 20% discount (advertised here * exchange rate on 12 May 2012, will apply) , on or before 18 May 2012.

If you are paying during our meet-up, it has to be : the full retail price + shipping cost/divided by 12 .

If you would like to order from me, post a message here or please email me at on or before 12th May.

Delivery will take around 4-6 weeks so I can arrange a meet-up at Raffles MRT on 30th June 2012.

Note: I will only be collecting orders for Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and not any of the other Green pasture products.

After trying all of the Green pasture/Blue Ice products, I would only recommend the following, for its value for money and also because I dont like additives (flavourings):

– Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil 237 ml (Non-Flavored)

It is also cheaper compared to the 120 capsule versions..

Each bottle contains 237 ml = which makes 474 capsules containing 500mg each. You can easily buy a size “0” gelatin capsule at Eden health store, for 30 cents each.

Suggested use:
1. as part of tooth remineralization and tooth decay reversal for children, take the following before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– 1000 mg (2x 500mg caps) of Fermented Cod Liver Oil
– 500 mg (1 x 500mg cap) of Butter Oil

If child cannot swallow capsules yet, use a syringe to squirt it into his mouth. Use lots of gentle encouragement. Use lots of visualisations and imagery of nice teeth growing (example Lifetime of teeth). COndition the child’s mind before bed. Parents should probably take the same supplements so the child will mimic.

2.) ask child to take freshly squeezed orange juice with or without 2 tablespoons of green juice (either sweet potato leaves or moringa leaves)- after taking FCLO (to mask the taste and also to make it more effective.. this much better than buying the orange flavored version). Remember orange juice is acidic and can weaken teeth enamel. Use a straw when drinking orange juice and take it as far back in the mouth as possible.

3.) gargle with baking soda water (1 glass of water mixed with 1 tsp of baking soda).. to neutralize the acid. or you can also use bentonite clay.

Planning and Budgeting
1. For tooth decay reversal/tooth remineralization– you need at least 180x of 500 mg capsules per month of Blue Ice FCLO. If Mom, Dad and child will take the same supplements, then you need 540 capsules per month.

Each 237 ml bottle can make about 450 capsules… then each bottle will probably last you 26 days… therefore either you order 2 bottles every other month, or order 1 bottle per 26 days.

2. Butter Oil – I will provide a more detailed suggested plan later on. But to simplify things, you probably need 1 block of butter to produce enough butter oil for one person for 1 month.

So, if mom, dad and child will need to take this, then buy 3 blocks of butter per month.

Here is a video blog on how to make butter oil:

3. Buy the cheapest and sweetest oranges you can find in the grocey stores. Again, assuming, mom,dad and child takes the juice (1 orange to be shared by 3 people, then you need 3 oranges a day or 21 oranges a week).

4.) Baking soda gargle (mix 1 tbsp of baking soda in one liter of water).. use 1 glass of this mixture as your gargle after taking your orange juice.

That means you all can start taking this by first week of July. For the meantime, just buy Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil or Clinicians Krill Oil from the shelves here in Singapore. You probably have to take 5x 500mg capsules 3x a day before meals to get the same effect.

Comparison Nordic Naturals (16 fl) and Blue Ice (237 ml)

Spending $300 sgd on Nordic Naturals CLO versus $90sgd on Blue ICe Fermented CLO every 26 days ? Of course $90sgd on BLue Ice Fermented CLO==> this is a no-brainer choice, more economical and more practical (imagine asking your child to take 6 capsules of Nordic naturals 3x a day versus 2 capsules of Blue ICE FCLO 3x a day).. this is much easier. Regardless if your child is taking 6 caps of Nordic Naturals or 2 caps of Blue ICE, he/she still need to take 1 capsule of Butter Oil before each meal.

Yes, you would do this for your child’s teeth (either to reverse/control the decay or ensure she gets healthy permanent teeth). There are also other benefits such as brain development. Even autistic children benefit a lot from a protocol based on supplementing with FCLO.

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  1. May 30, 2012 9:48 am

    Hi may I know when’s the next time you’re initiating the group buy again?

    Jhun boon

  2. Liana permalink
    July 17, 2012 10:09 am

    Hi Nanay,
    I just sent you an email, interested to join the group buy.


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