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What’s your Growing Green Score & Body Burden Score?

May 7, 2012

Our score is 8.5 out of 11 (about 77%) based on “Your Guide to Growing Green”. That 77% was reached with a big change in our lifestyle, which now we are beginning to enjoy more, as it is now becoming more mainstream, I do not feel so alone in this fight anymore. Do not wait until one of your family members get cancer, before acting.

Act now! You could probably create an 11 week countdown, to slowly grow green. However, dont stress yourself too much. We have been trying to grow green for the last 2 years, and yet we cannot achieve a perfect score. Availability and budget constraints are the main concerns. However, I found out that both concerns get resolved on its own, if you really take it seriously.

Overtime, my budget on personal care products and home cleaning products went down, significantly, as we switch to more practical and environmental friendly alteratives. Organic produce and quality water source again, would be hard to find, at first. Later on, you will find a certain stage of equilibrium (e.g. you will find alternative sources of food like Green Circle Singapore). We also learn (albeit slowly) how to grow our own vegetables. There would be a lot of compromises along the way.. but its not impossible..

My body burden score is 38. The average is 40. Not so bad…how about you?

Refer to the Environmental working Group for more details.

Take the Body Burden Quiz and let us compare and support each other.

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