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Parasite Cleanse for Health & beauty

May 8, 2012

Huh? Parasite cleanse? You mean deworming? Yes, deworming. You deworm your pets, why not deworm humans?

If you eat a lot of sushi and raw foods, chances are you have a high level of parasites living inside you even if you are not from a Third World Country.

We received our family pack of deworming capsules from Humaworm. The package contains the following

Humaworm for adults
– 6 zip lock bags with 30 capsules each
– this is enough for 3 adults for 1 month (me and my parents

Humaworm capsules for 3 adults (30 days)

Humawork for children– 3 zip lock bags with 30 capsules each
– this is for Zarah

Humaworm capsules for 1 child (enough for 30 days)

Hope this will clear Zarah’s night time teeth grinding and my dark eye circles, food cravings and bloating issues. This is also part of Nanay’s alternative cancer therapy (this is her 2nd round of deworming). Nanay did her first round of deworming last year using another brand of deworming herbs (Paraway).

This time, we want to prevent Nanay’s reinfection of parasites, by getting the whole family undergo parasite cleansing. Nanay started taking her capsules today.

I will do colon cleansing first using Cascara Sagrada for a week and have a Colonic, before I take my Humaworm.

Here is a low down on how we get parasites:

Parasites feed on the nourishment that our skin, hair, nails, bones and teeth need. It makes sense to have a plan to get rid of them on a regular basis (some do it twice a year–> just like dental visits)..

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