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Early Detection with Breast Elastography and thermography

June 5, 2012

ImageMy friend “M” went for her routine check up last month. She discovered she have multiple lumps in her breast, one of them in the 9 o’clock position was “suspected” to be malignant. She had routine mammogram and also breast ultrasound.

Knowing that I have gone through this journey, I was the first person she called. I told her not to panic as this is not an emergency. Asked her to book Dr. Tan Su Ming of Changi Hospital for a second opinion, and insist on getting breast ultrasound with elastography, as this can help to detect if a lump is malignant, without a biopsy.  She cancelled her appointment with Dr. Tan Su Ming though, and booked Dr. Baluyot of Medical City, Philippines. She also had thermography in the Philippines, under the guidance of Danny Meneses of Philippine Breast Cancer Network (PBCN). She paid P2,500 pesos for the thermography as she was referred by PBCN (otherwise she have to pay P5,000. She also booked herself with my biodentist in the Philippines, for a consultation. She have had several dental implants and also mercury fillings.

Prior to her appointments in the Philippines, she followed Nanay’s Bruess juice protocol (without the coffee enema). God know what else she did, but I knew she tried to detox herself really really well. She wanted to purchase Lugol’s Iodine from Nature’s Glory (NG). But NG said it was out of stock.

After a few weeks on Breuss Juice, she said she felt a lump on her kidney and that her back hurts. I told her it could be possible that her kidney cannot keep up with the amount of toxins her body is dumping out due to the efficacy of Breuss Juice. She had to either stop juicing for a while (to give her liver/kidney a rest) or she have to take coffee enema to escort the toxins out. Beetroot (part of Breuss Juice) is a powerful detoxifier. When Nanay was on Breuss Juice protocol she was taking Liver Loving (a mix of herbs from Canada) and was also on daily coffee enema. She asked whether we go to TCM doctor, I told her yes, specially when my menstruation is delayed. She saw a TCM doctor and she reported back to me saying that the TCM doctor, said the same thing to her, that her liver/kidney cannot keep up with the amount of toxins it is currently processing. She was given TCM herbs and the back pain subsided. She also cannot feel the lumps in her kidney anymore.

Results: the lumps are noticeable on the ultrasound with elastography but are well rounded.. meaning not malignant. The lump at 9’oclock position which was earlier suspected to be malignant was nowhere to be found (was it because of the detox? did she actually heal? no one knows! the good thing is yey! its not cancer).

The Thermography also confirmed that she does not have any abnormal breast cells (so no breast cancer). However, there is some heat in her major lymph nodes (armpits and her throat/neck area). Danny Meneses of PBCN also advised her to destress. That he can sense that she is high-strung based on her voice.

So, do we just reset the button ? Nah, this is the mistake one should NEVER make, just because a lump was found to be benign, we should not put our guards down. A lot of women who have found benign lumps, found themselves with cancer a few years later (was it because of the frequent mammograms and the radiation that comes with it?probably yes! was it because of constant worry? probably yes, a combination perhaps).


The biodentist also gave her a full run down of all her dental issues. I told her that she have to prioritise the removal of her amalgam filling, and to replace her dental implants with dentures. She is ok with the removal of amalgam filling but not with replacing her implants with dentures. Oh the price we have to pay for beauty! (beauty or health?)

I will leave her to make that decision for herself. My suspicion is that the heat in her throat/neck area is due to the mercury fillings. It would probably go away, if she do a thorough dental clean up.

No malignant lumps yet, but all the signs of a pre-cancerous condition is there. This is early detection at its best, as there are a lot of issues that can be reversed by diet and lifestyle modification.

I am also praying that this time, she realises that this is her “burning bush” experience. She mentioned that this was a “wake-up call” to her, that a lot of the things she was worrying about before, seems to be so trivial compared to the big, dreadful “C”. That in order to heal, she have to “Breathe Deep and Let Go of THINGS”.

Decided not to talk to her about spiritual things at the moment, as she may clam up again (just like before). But I would not let go of her in prayer, she is too precious to me.

Anyway, she is taking steady and firm steps towards her own healing. She is reading a lot about detox and alternative treatments on her own. We are planning to go together for IFR and also colonics. She will probably have to try coffee enema first, so she can learn to do it on her own, in the comfort of her home.

By the way, “M”, is sufficiently covered by insurance and financially stable. If she wants to go for conventional treatment, she can go for it anytime. Why she called me all of people, is of course not a surprise because I am her friend. But what surprises me, is that she wants to see the doctors that Nanay saw, and try all the treatments that Nanay received. I hope that she would also desire to receive what Nanay received spiritually. I told her that alternative treatments are not for the faint of heart, and if she is going for alternative treatments, she should have the full support of her family, otherwise, she will not succeed. The last thing we want in the middle of an alternative treatment is a nay sayer or a doom sayer. She is pro-surgery though, she felt she have to undergo at least a lumptectomy if ever there is a malignant tumuor. There is none (or at least none yet). I can sense that just like any woman who is recently diagnosed with a lump (even if it is benign), wants to get rid of it FAST!..Nanay did not have to think twice about mastectomy then, but she sure have had some regrets after the surgery. Looking back, it seems all of the bad experience during or after surgery is well behind her now.. as she is enjoying her life now to the fullest. For “M’s” case, it seems lumptectomy is a better option (just in case), if she opts for mastectomy, she can still go for reconstruction (she can afford it).

Well, I will leave her to that, so she can make her own decision and be at peace with it.  I have brought her to a place wherein she can at least see other perspectives and I know that she will be making her own studies to ensure that she makes an informed decision.

In case she needs a sounding board, I will always be available for her… though I could not probably be with her in every doctor’s appointment.

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  1. October 9, 2013 12:13 pm

    Updates: Dr. Tan Su Ming is now the Head of BReast Surgery in Changi Hospital..before your first visit, nurses will call you and ask you to go for mammogram first, if you do not agree with mammogram, on your first visit Dr. Tan Su Ming would do a routine ultrasound without the elastography and will ask you to go for mammogram first as “Mammogram is still the gold standard (with emphasis added in diagnosing breast cancer)”.. she would not do the elastography without the mammogram. “enough said”.

  2. SeaShells permalink
    August 28, 2014 6:42 am

    Dear Lanie,

    I read that doing cleansing or detox of certain organs needs to have certain steps or order like colon cleanse, next liver cleanse then kidney cleanse and etc. Is that correct? Would appreciate if you can share your techniques and insights.

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