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I hope my doctor is not blogging too much

June 8, 2012

When your doctor is spending too much time blogging specially if the content lacks substance, reeks of self promotion, self glorification while pretending to care about a worthy cause, then say everyone is just jealous of her (in the same tone that Oprah said, Jesus must be jealous of her)… what would be your initial reaction?

Hmmm.. he/she probably have too much time on her hands or probably just too impassioned about her cause?

Either way, I hope that my doctor is not blogging too much, that if she/he is impassioned about her cause, that she actually spends her day

– researching medical journals and challenging previous assumptions
– observing traditional healing methods and try to research its efficacy on her own without reffering too much on medical journals (that she knows is sponsored for commercial gain)
– spending time with patients to know the root cause and not merely treating the symptoms
– going on sabbaticals to see it from a patient’s perspective
– praying or serving the community
– spending time with love ones (to become more balanced)

How about you, how would you feel or react if you found out your doctor is blogging too much and is actually being paid by big pharma to blog? Is’nt it a conflict of interest. Should’nt be a doctor only interested in the welfare of the patient rather than his/her sponsor?

I truly believe that money follows when you follow your passion. But if the doctor’s passion is just the pursuit of money, how would you feel?

When your doctor claims to write about oncology, and yet is promoting herself or giving gift checques to people who will like her Facebook page, would’nt you wonder why she did’nt take a marketing career? or that she is advertising the wrong messages? if your oncology writer is targeting laymen instead of oncologists. That is bogus! Oncology writers write for oncologists not laymen! She is probably using the term “oncology writer” and the title “doctor/physician”, to have some credibility to her reader base. Not all laymen/readers are stupid and easily misled. So Miss Bogus Oncology writer, show your true self please. Have you forgotten the Hippocratic Oath? How can you use cancer for your own selfish interests? Obviously, she is trying to increase her reader base (including those she think hates her BECAUSE SHE IS TOO bEAUTIFUL AND SUCCESSFUL?), even resulting to the mundane and emotionally trigerring comments asking for reader’s sympathy? For what? Bloggers who wants to get paid, have to increase their readership based on the target markets of their would be sponsors. Oh she love HATERS! because she knows the psyche! When a blog reader hates a blogger, she continues to read her posts. And stats does not show LOVERS or HATERS!.. for sponsors its just the numbers game. Show them the STATS they will give you the money. So, I dont want you to click her Facebook page or her blogs.. that would just increase her readership.

For example, if she wants to get sponsorship from say Roche, she would first get into the American Cancer Society, to GET THE ATTENTION of the who’s who. AND HOPEFULLY LEARN SOMETHING FROM ACS (which again is just regurgitation of pharma’s marketing gimmicks).. at the same time, she would create her reader base.. she wants readers who potentially can be Roche’s customer==> who would that be? vulnerable laymen!!!!

My idea of an oncology writer is someone whose portofolio includes:

– Writing, reviewing, and editing protocol and informed consent documents for oncology/hematology clinical research.
– Guiding and supporting the work of the multidisciplinary protocol team to facilitate the rapid development of high quality protocol documents.
– Identifying and, in conjunction with the Director of Protocol Development/Medical Writing, working to resolve barriers to effective and efficient protocol development.
– Contributing to the development of case report forms in collaboration with data management and study leadership.
– Develop study synopses and guidelines, materials for study-specific site initiation visits, and other study tools to support the conduct of the clinical trial.
– Contribute to the development of clinical study reports, investigator brochures (when applicable), and other scientific reports.
– Develop posters and slide decks for professional presentations.
– Draft/edit abstracts and manuscripts for publication in scientific journals.
– Contributing scientific knowledge, analytical skills, people and process management, and submission experience to the analysis of data and production of all assigned documents.

However, the above, like she said is “boring”, she cannot create a reader base enough to get sponsors, if she expects to write only for oncologists, these oncologist wont be reading her blog, they would be visiting sites like Cochrane Collaboration (hopefully).

Then why claim to be an oncology writer? Why not say you are a media person, marketing pharmaceutical products.. that way, you are not misleading people!!!

If my doctor, claims that she can be a doctor, oncology writer and blogger in ONE.. I would seriously look at her license and even visit the school she graduated from. Please do not make the Medical Industry more untrustworthy than it already is. I still want to be able to trust my doctors. if you represent the medical industry, I am losing hope by the minute.

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  1. Moi permalink
    June 9, 2012 4:49 am

    I am a new reader of your blog. I have read about the navarro urine test.
    I would like to get details of where you get that as well as digestive stool test and
    Hair element tests done.

  2. June 9, 2012 8:45 am

    hi moi, navarro urine test is very practical, you do not need a doctor’s order or do not even need to buy expensive test kit. First, you must buy a bottle of acetone, coffee filter, zip loc bag. Follow the instructions here:

    Digestive stool test and hair elements tests, you can order online (without a doctor’s order), or you can go to an endcorinologist or naturopath who are not old school. Initially, preferred to order it from our endocrinologist here in Singapore because I want to hear his perspective. and want him to read the diagnostics for me. But now, since we are in the monitoring phase. I order it online on a yearly basis. For the Hair Elements test I use the Andy Cutler protocol/method to read the results and interpret it myself. If I have extra time and money, I consult our endocrinologist and brainstorm the results with him. Yeah, our doctor is our CoNsultaNT. He does not dictate our treatment options. We have mutual respect for each other.

    uhmmm by the way, if you google Navarro Urine test and Hair elements test by Doctor’sw data, the google search results will lead you to —- supposedly an NGO that conducts black propaganda against alternative treatment and diagnostic tests… be aware that the writers of —> similar to the blog of this bogus oncology writer cum Facebook marketer==> are all paid prostitutes of the pharmaceutical industry. I feel so strongly against this people as they are maligning good intentions in the pursuit of money.

    so here is the direct link to Doctor;s data:

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