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Of Dogs and Health

July 12, 2012

We have decided to adopt Russell an almost 3 month old mongrel puppy, who is full of energy.
Before deciding to foster a dog/puppy, I have been watching Dog Whisperer on TV and have been a fan of Cesar Millan. I knew that I am a dog lover. I have raised 2 puppies to adulthood when I was about 7 to 9 years old (they were both kidnapped by dog eaters in the Philippines – yeah some Filipinos steal dogs to eat them) sigh!

My daughter have been asking for a dog since she was about 3 years old and I remember promising her that I will give her a dog when she turns 5. We never talked about it again, until she turned 5 years old. Boy, was I surprised that she remembered it on the day of her 5th birthday. But, I hesitated because I have read Dr. Hulda Clark’s book that if you have a dog or cat in the household, you will have a steady stream of parasites.

Aside from that, owning a dog in Singapore is no joke, it can be quite expensive. Anyway, my daughter did not relent until finally a dog rescue group called me to ask if I can foster a stray puppy for a few weeks. The rest was history.

I guess, we can never really live in a bubble. The risk of getting parasites is outweighed by the advantages of having a dog again in our lives.

1. I have a reason to wake up early in the morning to walk the dog
2. I have an outlet for my “trainer” tendencies
3. It fulfills my daughter’s wish for a dog
4. it can reduce stress

To reduce risk of getting reinfected with parasites,
1. I massage the puppy with my DIY oregano oil 2x a weel
2. my parents bathe the puppy every other day
3. my parents wash our yard daily with oxygen bleach
4. I spray the puppy’s beddings with ACV diluted in water, with a few drops of tea trea oil or oregano oil
5. I will also de-worm the dog every 3 months (with Humaworm or Barefoot Herbalists formulation)

Oh did you know that even ordinary dogs, can be trained to detect cancer? Google it!

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