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High Vitamin Butter Oil Updates from Dave Wetzel and Q&A

July 17, 2012

Dave Wetzel is the owner of Green Pastures makers of High Vitamin Butter Oil, excerpt from his blog

High Vitamin Butter oil will start to roll into completed stock by late July or first wk of August. There will continue to be a shortage on products that use this as a main ingredient.

High Vitamin Butter Oil is not the same as Ghee or other grass fed butter oils. There is a specific grazing protocol to maintain product intent. It is not just ‘green grass’. As a result of our focus on quality product there have been times in the past, as now, that we have had to endure a shortage. High vitamin Butter Oil is not made with any old ‘green grass’. And there is no magical switch that can be turned on and off as demand dictates. We hope to have all caught up and back to normal by late summer +/-

This is the reason why I plan to order as a group buyer on 25th July. I emailed him with the following query:

Hi Dave,

I really value your integrity, though we have to compromise and use lower quality butter oils while waiting for HVBO. At least we know that when we purchase HVBO from you we are buying the real thing. Anyway, I am currently organising a group buy here in Singapore. You mentioned that you will have HVBO and Royal Blend stock by late July. Can I confirm that I can order a group purchase of HVBO/Royal Blend by 25th July? Just need to set the expectations of the Singapore group buyers.

I will be posting his response in this blog soon. Just to respond to some Frequently Asked Questions sent to me and I responded to via email.

Q1:any updates on your business of providing fermented CLO/BO in SG?

A1: Unfortunately, I dont have enough capital to buy my own stocks and then wait for the buyers to buy.Thats why for now I arrange group buying, so they pay me first before they order, the good thing is we all get 20% discount.

 Q2: Do you have a list of the items you do buy as a group?
A2: as a group buyer, now I am allowed to buy a combination of any of these

Q3: Also, curious – have you found any sources for good grass fed butter in Singapore?

A3: Short answer NO. Long answer read below

I cant find any good grass fed butter in Singapore so I compromise on Anchor Butter. Rammi Nigel believes Anchor Butter (from New Zealand) is from grass fed cows (I was asking my friends in NZ to investigate 🙂 seriously)..

I do find raw cheese at NTUC Finest in Bukit Timah Plaza and some specialty chesse maker here in Singapore, but again not from grass fed cows. 

 Q4: Dare I ask about raw milk??

A4: Short Answer NO. Long answer, read below

There is a local dairy farm here in Sngapore, who sells local milk, and you can buy raw milk too (but you have to go to the farm).. they claim their cows are grass fed (but actually its not grass, its hay.. so HAY FED)..  I havent really had the time to check it out though.

 I understand that you recommend the FCLO Green Pastures Blue Ice but i was wondering why not the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / FCLO blend (non-flavored) since the latter also contains the recommended butter oil.
Reason # 1: For practical reasons, with this liquid form, I only need to buy 1 bottle for my daughters 3 months dosage. For the capsule form– it will only last her a month.
reason #2:
In addition, she had some allergic reactions when she took the blended form (cod liver blended with butter oil). I do not know which ingredient trigerred her allergies.. so I tried to isolate, by giving her FCLO and butter oil separately.. e.g. for 1 month I gave her pure FCLo without butter oil — NO allergy… when I gave her FCLO and butter oil (either separately or blended)– she gets allergic reaction..
so I concluded that butter oil triggers her allergy not the FCLO. Nevertheless, I am addressing her allergy, so she can take butter oil later on.
reason #3:
3rd reason, butter oil supply is very inconsistent.. there are times when it is out of stock– it is hard for me to do the logistics because of this.
Q6: It seems there is a market in Singapore for Green Pastures products, why dont you set up a retail online store?
Answer: As above, I dont have enough capital yet to burn and number 2, oils go rancid, I am not sure how long I can keep stocks waiting for buyers (in addition to the 4 to 6 weeks delivery time)…. at least for fermented oils, the older it gets the better it becomes, for non-fermented oils like the butter oil, it can easily go rancid… and I think I dont have the patience for returning rancid oils back to where it came from. At least for group buys, I only buy based on demand — the return for me? oh well, aside from lowering my acquisition cost, I hope I can find like minded individuals through this community. My ultimate dream though is to have a sustainable neighborhood coop buying local produce from local farms and also growing/trading some veggies with my neighbors….I have started by giving out moringa tree cuttings.. (moringa is a very generous tree, the more it gives, the more it flourishes).
Anyway, who know, I may actually set-up a retail online store soon (let me just figure out the logistics first- by starting small)…
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  1. Heather permalink
    July 19, 2012 10:29 am

    I bought High Vitamin Butter Oil from Nutrapro Intl. Very pleased with the quality and taste.
    In fact it taste like real butter oil. I have used Green Pasture product in the past and always wondered why taste was so bad. It is suppose to be a butter oil not a caugh syrup. Before buying I called Nutrapro company and they even provided me the data to support their product…..

  2. July 19, 2012 5:33 pm

    glad nutrapro worked for you Heather. Green Pastures Butter Oil tasted fine for us. actually its the FCLO that really tastes bad. Anyway, I have not tried other Butter Oils except for Green Pastures Butter Oil and my home made Butter Oil– i think the Green pastures Butter Oil taste a bit different from home made Butter Oil (herby), but I dont take that negatively, as I am after the nutrition not the taste.. TCM medicine tastes bad, but I still take it cause I know its good for me.

    Will probably give Nutrapro a try in the future…

    • Heather permalink
      July 19, 2012 10:02 pm

      I am glad that you evaluate products based on the nutritional value. I would like to see some science and different vitamin, and fatty acid profile of Green Pasture Butter oil. I think it is a bit rancid and nutritionally damaged. Please don’t take it in a negative sense since you sell their products.

  3. July 19, 2012 11:01 pm

    Heather, it seems you are asking too much from me.. I am just arranging group buy and its non-profit.. please go ahead and ask Dave Wetzel, he probably have more bandwidth for inquiring minds like you..

    anyway, here is the test data from GP’s website..

  4. July 19, 2012 11:10 pm

    about the oil being rancid… all oils will go rancid.. its a fact of life.. thats why its best to buy oil as soon as released to the market (not when it is aging on shelves)..about being nutrionally damaged.. I will let the results speak for that..

    about science and profile.. you seem to be very smart to do your own research and make a decision for yourself.. and you dont sound like someone who can be influenced as you sound like you have already made yourself convinced that GP HVBO is not for you… actually my daughter is also experiencing some allergic reactions from GP HVBO, but I dont take it against GP.. probably I have to address my daughter’s liver issues so she can take HVBO.. maybe she really cant take HVBO and I have to look for other alternatives so she can have a steady supply of Vitamin K…

    however, other moms attest to how effective HVBO is for them.. do I have to take it against them? (just because its not working for my daughter)?

    when I started organizing group buys, I only accepted orders for Pure FCLO (for the reasons I cited above).. however, Singapore buyers have been emailing me to order Butter Oil or the Blended FCLO/HVBO ……. I say, let them buy, to try it out and see it for themselves, id say, all buyers have to be smart not to buy oils that have been on the shelf for decades (be it Butter Oil or your normal cooking oil)..

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