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From a Reader: Moringa doing well

July 18, 2012

One of my readers who took Moringa cuttings from us a few weeks ago, sent this to me via email..

The plants are taking root well and small shoots are sprouting out.

Hopefully they continue the good growth !

I’ve attached some photos for your reference and will keep you updated!

The first stem cutting is here (it already have roots and a lot of shoots, at the time of pick up)

Moringa Stem Cutting 1 (with roots and shoots at the time of pick-up and transplanting)

The second stem cutting is here (at the time of pick up, it was really just a stem – NO Roots- NO shoots).

Moringa Stem Cuttings 2 (no roots . no shoots at the time of pick-up)

Here is how it looks now, after several weeks of planting on good soil. It is taking root now and also have a shoot.

Moringa Stem Cutting 2 – now have roots and a shoot

Do I get extra kick out of seeing our moringa plant/trees growing in other homes? You bet I do. Moringa tree is a generous tree/plant, the more it gives, the more it flourishes.

Do you want to have stem cuttings to plant on your own? CLICK HERE

For more of my Moringa blog entries, CLICK HERE

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  1. September 13, 2012 10:03 am

    They are doing well in their little pots. Should be many more leaves in a few weeks.


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