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Air Purifier for less than 20 sgd

July 24, 2012

Air Purifier for $20sgd

Its the flu/cold & cough season again, so I am battling this scrouge as natural and as possible and as practical as I can.

It’s not what you are eating, its what is in your environment

Allergy attack #1
This is what my daughter’s long time pediatrician told me many months ago, when I brought my daughter for her chronic cough & cold. She agreed that her symptoms are allergic reactions — to what ?? is quite debatable. I told her about the HVBO and the FCLO that Zarah was taking and that am suspecting that the HVBO triggers the allergy. At that time our neighbor’s dog (a siberian husky) was shedding so bad and I have not learned how to clean our room using simple onion/garlic baking soda, towels and oxygen bleach. The pediatrician said it could be due to mites, mold or animal dander. For the first time in years, this pediatrician said something right!!! She did not prescribe antibiotics, and gave Zarah an inhaler and of course the usual medicines (1 for runny nose, 1 for dry cough (expectorant) and 1 for fever, and 1 for stomach upset).

1. why she did not prescribe anything for me to correct the environmental issue? I dont know, perhaps its because its not in her medical manual
2. mucus should be expelled right? then why give me something to stop the runny nose?
3. if she really want to stop runny nose– then why give me an expectorant?
Its like a plumber going to our house, saying that the plumbing is full of hair, but instead of removing the hair, plumber asked me to stop the dripping faucet, by putting foam in it. Then if I need water, just remove the foam, so I can get more water?? Then, it seems she knows that the fever medicine will have some side effects, thats why there is a medicine for stomach upset. Sigh! no wonder our liver play it quits by the time we hit 40. Imagine the amount of medicines we take from preschool to adulthood.

Anyway, I kept the medicines (for some insane reason), but insisted on doing it my way. Her diagnosis is correct, the cause could be environmental. This is what I did at that time

1. put onions on her feet and secured it with socks (sometimes I put Vicks instead)
2. washed all the beddings with 50:50 ratio of baking soda and normaly laundry soap
3. sprinkled baking soda to our bed and other surfaces then sprayed with water (with a few drops of tea tree oil)
4. ironed (yes ironed our bed)– why? I dont know why.. just guided by instinct
5. let her inhale steamed water with a bit of peppermint oil
6. Used the inhaler given by her pedia and let her blow her nose (instructed by the pedia)

She was healed without taking the medicines

Allergy attack #2
This time, we didnt go to the doctor. I just purchased an “air purifier” for $19.90 sgd at Plaza Singapura and purchased 1 bottle of eucalyptus oil and citronella oil. I did not plan for this. i just know that we have to clean our bedroom air somehow. After cleaning our bedroom with the baking soda, oxygen bleach combo. i knew there is still something air borne as it hurts my eyes.

Went to Allercare to buy replacement filters for our counter top 2stage filters and found that the hospital grade air purifiers e.g. OSIM and Honeywell, costs between 600sgd to 900 sgd, then a few hundred dollars more for maintenance. I know the importance of HEPA filters, but when one is in a strict budget, we take what we thought is second best..

The funny thing is, someone will remind you that afterall your decision is probably not second best. On a taxi ride home, while I was coughing, the taxi driver adviced me to buy an air purifier. I told him its very expensive, then he said ” No lah, you can buy one for beloww 50 sgd dollars”. Then, I told him, what a coincidence, I actually bought one, but just ashamed to tell him cause I thought it is not effective. He told me it is very effective, as it sucks the air in, and traps the dirt in the water, and then the air/water that goes out will carry the essential oil — and kill the virus/bacteria in the air. Moreover, it will also put humidity into an otherwise dry air (air conditioning makes the air dry). Dry air is most often the reason why we cant breathe easily or why we cough. High humidity is bad, yes as it encourages mold.. but not if the humidity contains essential oil that also deters mold. What a simple and logical way to address dry air, and air borne mold spores/virus/bacteria!!!

Just when I thought, that this 20sgd air purifier is just eye candy and just to make the bedroom smell nice.. a simple taxi driver, reminded me that the best things in life, does not always come at a hefty price!!

Imagine if I have waited until I have enough funds to buy a 600-900 sgd hospital grade HEPA filter.

My choice was further justified when I read one of the newsletters from Barefoot Herbalist. He also used (and also sells) this type of air purifier. And he sells it at 70USD! Now I felt that my 20sgd air purifier is really a good deal then.

Now Zarah is sleeping peacefully. Of course she still have her socks on (with peppermint oil applied on her feet)..and of course I gave her a light massage so she can sleep better. And oh yeah! She is also taking 2tsps of my DiY ACV garlic honey mixture (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening).

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  1. ces permalink
    July 30, 2012 2:08 pm


    I’m interested on buying an air purifier, may we know where in Plaza Singapura? Thanks.


  2. July 31, 2012 12:52 pm

    hi ces, 6th floor in front of the kopitiam

    • ces permalink
      July 31, 2012 2:21 pm

      hi nanaymirriam,

      Thanks. we’ll try. btw, is this a humidifier or air purifier?


      • July 31, 2012 5:15 pm

        i think its both.. but its not heavy duty purifier like the HEPA filters and other hospital grade filters.. the way it works is just the same as what the image illustrates..have to buy essential oils by the way ” to purify air by reducing bacteria/virus in the air”, otherwise the purifying action is only done mechanically as per the image (the dust gets trapped in the water) so its not circulating anymore…

  3. July 31, 2012 5:30 pm

    we also have a pit of plant inside the room to help purify the air.. as well as blocks of charcoal (in the corner).. if I have enough fund I would probably buy a HEPA filter too (clean the air 2 hours before bedtime using HEPA filter).. then this cheap air purifier for full 8 hours (while sleeping)

    refer to Barefoot Herbalists writings about Air Freshen 1 and Air Freshen 2 (just to give you an idea)..

  4. September 14, 2012 3:53 pm

    Updates: my daughter usually have allergy attacks (dry cough and clear mucus) and itchy skin (no major breakouts thoug), almost every month…its almost 2 months now, since her last attack.. the battle with the invisible aliens in our bedroom must have been WON already.. just have to maintain the clean air I guess…


  1. My Daughter’s Allergy Relieved without Medicine | Nanay Miriam's "re-MISSION"

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