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Updates on Today’s (25th July) Group Buy – extended to 26 July (6pm0

July 25, 2012

Pure Butter Oil is still not available but Blended FCLO/HVBO is available. so, if you want to order the blended FCLO/HVBO click the ORDER page and transfer the funds to my savings account. I will make the group purchase tomorrow instead.

I am having some problems with my group buyer account.. it only computes 12% discount instead of 20% for group buy. Not sure if I have to meet a certain quota to reach 20%. Will confirm first and let you know tomorrow. i will extend this group buy until 6pm tomorrow (26th July).

Nanay Miriam's "re-MISSION"

If you want to avail of the discounted price for group buyers, ORDER HEREon or before 25th July 6PM.

Delivery will take around 4-6 weeks so I can arrange a meet-up at Raffles MRT (or arrange for delivery) on 5th September 2012
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GREEN PASTURE Product (Though there are other FCLO and Butter Oil to choose from)

Premium Quality, Fermented, High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, Natural Flavor

Type: liquid
Weight (shipping): 1.10 lbs.
Volume: 237 ml

Suggested use:
1. as part of tooth remineralization and tooth decay reversal for children, take the following before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– 1000 mg (2x 500mg caps) of Fermented Cod Liver Oil
– 500 mg (1 x 500mg cap) of Butter Oil

If child cannot swallow capsules yet, use a syringe to squirt it into his mouth. Use lots of gentle encouragement. Use lots of visualisations and imagery…

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  1. August 6, 2012 11:24 am

    hi Nanay

    How can i get a bottle of Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – Capsules ? I am interested.

  2. Vicky permalink
    August 17, 2013 2:24 pm

    You can now purchase Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil through

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