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Officially a Kiasu Parent

August 5, 2012

I am now officially a Kiasu Parent.. joining the myriad of parents who queued and applied for a slot in our chosen Primary School for 2013 intake.

My choice of school for Zarah? It’s the one within 1km from our house. CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace. It sits on top of a hill. Very windy and lots of trees around. The first time I went there, I knew it was the right school for Zarah (I went there at the time when I was pregnant with her – year 2005). Yeah, I am that KIASU!!

When I was 2months pregant with her, knowing that the father would not be involved in any way, I have already set my mind in doing this on my own (of course with the help of my darling Nanay). I prayed for a house that I can afford and for which I can raise her in the closest to ideal environment. A Singaporean friend referred me to this row house beyond Rail Mall, which also sits at the foot (a slope) of Bukit Timah Hill (part of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve). Little did I know that Bukit Timah is the part of Singapore where the top schools are located. However, we seemd to be a few meters short, Upper Bukit Timah, is part of Bukit Panjang constituent not Bukit Timah. So near, yet too far 🙂

Of course, initially I thought Methodist Girls School is the best school for her, but being practical and realistic, (its 2.5km from our house and the chances of a Permanent resident getting a slot is almost nil).. so, I accepted that CHIJ OQLP (accepted Not settled)…is the best school for us.

Found out that apparently, within the Bukit Panjang area, CHIJ OQLP is the top school==?every year, CHIJ OQLP conducts balloting at Phase 2C. So, I asked my cell group members to pray for us. And indeed God seemed to prepare the situation for us.. Most of the parents within 2km radius, flocked to the other schools such as Bukit Panjang, Beacon, Zeng Hua, West View and Greenridge. All of which were oversuscribed (except for West View)..

talk about divine intervention huh? For the first time in many years, CHIJ OQLP did not have to do balloting at Phase 2C, they even have excess of 20 Slots..

Day 1 Primary Registration 2013 intake CHIJ OQLP

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