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Cough due to Pasma or Worms?

August 12, 2012

Before I talk about Pasma or Worms as a probable cause.. let me just rule out bacterial/viral infection as a cause of my cough. I am pretty sure it wasnt bacterial/viral as 1. I dont have fever 2. I did not infect my daughter (who co sleeps with me) and my office mates who sit so close to me 3. my phlegm/mucus is not yellow/green but white and almost transparent.

Did I just wrote worms as a possible cause?

ewww! Worms? yeah I just wrote it could be worms. Specifically eggs of ascaris being carried by the mucus from my lungs. Apparently ascaris loves to hide themselves in the lungs. Our bodies do not usually detect them, as they are encased in a type of protein/calcium covering– so our immune system thinks they are part of our system. After a dose of Humaworm and Liver Flush. They have probably lost their protective covering– so my immune system decided to summon its alien/envader fighting machines.. by producing mucus.

According to Humaworm, this mucus have to be expelled, cause if not, it will travel down to my intestines, where the eggs will hatch. Double ewww!!

However, Nanay have a different idea altogether, she said my cough is due to “.Pasma”

Pasma is one of the illnesses diagnosed by mothers, and herbalists in the Philippines. However, it seems that this type of illness is often misunderstood

1. Pasma- when your hands are tired (let us say you ironed clothes the whole day) and then washed your hands, you will get “pasma”. Which others thought is the involuntary shaking of hands… actually, “pasma” in this context is too much “yin” in the Traditional Chinese Medicine context.. when your skin pores are open, “coldness”, “dampness” or “yin” can easily get in your body so there will be excessive yin, coldness or dampness in your system that can lead to other illnesses such as (cold, cough, or aching muscles, or probably even the involuntary shaking of hands (though it is not always the case)
2. Pasmado => you are pasmado if people see your hands shaking and thus you miss your target when paying basketball.. I think this one refers to your nerve
3. Napasma  your back is hurting, or you felt some nodules behind your neck and shoulders, and is exteremely painful when deep pressure is applied. Again, in TCM context this seemed to be an excess of “yin”, coldness or dampness
4. Pasma related to cough => you have pasma, when you are coughing, usually prolonged. The cause? You probably missed a meal or you sweated too much and never changed your shirt (thus the sweat dried in your skin) therefore you have cough

Recently, I had cough (chesty, with white almost transparent phleghm) for more than 3 weeks. Usually cough with yellow phlegh is attributed to a bacteria/viral infection. This one is not. I’ve tried all know herbal and natural remedies (including garlic, onions and turmeric).

The only thing that gave me relief and a good night’s sleep is a Filipino folk remedy for cough due to “PASMA” using “tutong na bigas” (roasted rice). As soon as it was removed from the stove, Nanay poured 1 cup of water, releasing steam that I have to inhale (of course I have a blanked covering me from head to toe). Then she asked me to drink the water (tastes like very very strong black coffee).

I was able to sleep after that. I also tried the following remedies

– steamed orange with salt
– putting onions and garlic on a sock and putting the sock on
– using a hot water bottle on my feet
– drinking my DIY garlic vinegar honey syrup
– using air purifier to clean the air
– drinking oregano tea and dandelion root tea

Sometimes I see phlegh/mucus in my stool, which I see as a good thing, it means I am expelling the mucus already.

The next day,I crushed 2 garlics and spread it over a paper towel, put it on my chest and put a hot water bottle over it. After 30 minutes, I put the garlic poultice on my neck (where I feel the solid nodules – which in the Philippines is called kulani).. then I put on my feet.. everytime, putting the hot water bottle on top of the poultice.

I could feel my blood circulation going faster and was able to sleep. The next 2 days, I just took senna laxative to move my bowels– and drank at least a liter of water (i usually can only drink up to 600ml of water a day– so thats an accomplishment). I also ate apple just before evening meal.

If I went to a doctor, the doctor would just give me medicine to suppress the cough.. which is the bodies mechanism to expel undesirable aliens. 

I was able to expel some of it. But am not exactly sure that I have expelled them all.. so I know some of the mucus is now in my stomach.

So now am trying to do a fruit/fruit juice feast (meaning no other food but 80% fruit 10% plant fat 10% proteins from seeds). This is to limit food for the newly hatched eggs (ewww! again). I intend to do this as long as I can.

I also take herbal teas everyday – 2 cups of oregano tea, 1 cup of thyme infusion. 1 cup of dandelion root tea.

To satisfy my cravings for sweet and rich dessert.. I have walnut/sesame seed powder, newly grinded sunflower seeds, a bit of oats, yougur and honey. All raw! I also included 1 teaspoon of fennel seed.

Basically everything in our cupboard/fridge that the worms doesnt like.

By the way, my mother (Nanay), still insists it was due to PASMA and that the steam from the burnt rice (tutong na bigas) is the one that healed me.

Well, whatever it was it was another battle won without toxic medicines!

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