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No TV for a month and being connected back to earth

August 21, 2012

Artist: Shirin Divanbeigui

After Nanay’s surgery (March 2010), a nurse who visited her daily during that crucial recovery period, adviced her to walk barefoot on dewy grass before 8am in the morning. Which she did religiously for about 6 months. We did it together, without trying to think too much about the why’s. All guided by instincts, we did it together at that time. Now, I did it with the knowledge of WHY it is beneficial for EVERYBODY!!
Refer to Sunday Morning Walk Thanks to Vernicia!

Even before I discovered barefooting/grounding/earthing is a way to “download” EMF from our bodies to the soil.. I already knew that EMF is a probable cause of cancer. So much so, that I agreed to stay for 5 to 6 days on an OFF GRID location in Quezon Province (which used to be the home for the New People’s Army (NPA)…with Nanay and my then 3 year old daughter. The once was Tiaong Breast Cancer Haven was literally a haven for anyone who just want to DISCONNECT from EMF and CONNECT back to mother earth. No cellphones, No TV, no commercial electrical supply. How I miss Tiaong!

Our old gigantic TV finally played it quits last month. And boy was I so pleased. That means I had a good break from the noisy shows from The Filipino Channel (TFC) that my father loves so much. Oh yeah, he watches TFC from morning till night. Don’t get me wrong! He is not a bum. He cleans our house like no one else can.. goes to the nature reserve almost everyday to walk the dog or get some soil for Nanay’s garden or even to get some “gabi” leaves or “langka” (unriped jackfruit), which Nanay cooks with some coconut milk.

Source of Image: EMF Watchdog (click the image to get there)

Its just that it seems, his way of winding down is propping himself into the sofa with feet up and pushing the remote control to the one and only channel he knows “144”.

I also have a few favorite shows like– phenomenal “Walang Hanggan”. :), but I really hate hearing the TV blaring all day all night, specially during “Showtime”.

My daughter also have her favorite cartoon channels. its a blessing though that she prefers the more subtle Cbeebies. Her favorite cartoons is “Charlie and Lola”, which I love too.. as the show actually matches the book series that we usually borrow from the local library. To me, this is the best a mom can do==> to stay connected to her daughter in this fast paced world.

Anyway, I bought a new Samsung “SMART” TV today, to be delivered on Wednesday. Why SMART? Oh its because you can use the TV to surf the Internet including You Tube (which have been my favorite hang out the last few weeks) and Facebook (Nanay’s favorite these days).

Ok, so all along, we actually have had a “DUMB TV”??!! I could probably say so. It really makes us so dumb that we stare on it for hours on end.. withouth any interaction. Its funny that people, make all sorts of inventions to attempt to “connect” us electronically==> even to the point of making a TV that can surf the internet, presumably to make it a bit smarter.. 

Image from Elektrosmog (click on image to get there)

Well its not just the TV that is becoming a scourge nowadays.. families staying home during the long on iPad, dad on his iphone, kids on Xbox… and we thought that all these gadgets actually help us to connect together… how come family members actually get more disconnected these days?

And the most serious mistake one could ever make is disconnecting from nature.. and connecting via electrical devices that emits EMF (electromagnetic fields)..we are now literally swimming in a soup of EMF. At home, I refused to have Wi-FI or wireless internet. My small ACER Notebook is still wired. When my friend/relatives ask me why– I usually tell them that EMF causes cancer, and since Nanay have cancer, we do not want to add to the toxic mix of EMF in the environment. Then of course, we cannot control our neighbors—-> we can only control ourselves.

So, what to do??!! We have to ground ourselves!! Literally, the human body is also made up of electrical signals. That’s why our bodies need to be grounded!

Grounded! like literally attaching a wire –connected to a nail on the ground?!! Well that’s what we usually do for our electrical appliances.. we ground it to reduce statics!!

How do we ground humans?? By disconnecting from all electrical devices, going outdoors and walking barefoot on sand, moist grass or just the warm ground (not asphalt– it is synthetic).. for at least 30 minutes a day.. and if you can get away with it 24 hours a day!

At night, before you sleep, try to turn OFF all lights, TV and electrical devices near your bed. Of course, we cannot turn off the aircon….

Hey, we all probably have to consider living OFF GRID!

Here is one of the youtube videos that talk about Earthing/walking barefoot/Grounding/Connecting back to earth

So, YEAH! now I feel a bit sad that the family will be somehow “DISCONNECTED” again with the comeback of TV.. and mind you this is a “SMART TV”! Tsk!

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