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Moringa Updates

August 29, 2012

Another update from the same reader who sent the photos for this blog entry:

Names removed to protect her and her family’s privacy:

I was planning to write to you earlier when I was in Singapore last weekend when I took the photos of the 2 moringa cuttings you kindly gave us. I have attached the photos for your reference. One plant is doing great – the other will require a bit more TLC!

I wonder which one is doing great– and which one isn’t. Perhaps the one that is already planted on a pot — is the one doing well (as it was ready for transplanting at the time it was picked up from our house. The other one.. which was just a bare stem.. is perhaps still going through its rough stage. Nanay said, “dont disturb it”.. “dont move it around so much”..

Thanks for letting me know about the moringa cuttings! Will your dad be able to hold on to them till Sunday? My mum and I will come by to collect if that will be ok. I will be in “xxx” till Saturday night but can swing by on Sunday.

My father decided to prune our 2 moringa trees last weekend. It really proves that moringa is the tree that keeps on giving.. the more it gives the more it flourishes. Now I have a sweet problem, we dont have enough pots, space, time to plant our cuttings anymore.. and my father is so keen to throw it away. Glad that Miss R agreed to come on Sunday to pick it up.

My brother, Mr. A also asked to send his best regards to you. He is now away in the US pursuing his studies. And he says hello!

Thanks again Lanie and hope you enjoy the photos!

This is whats make blogging fun.. it creates a community and it widens our horizons. Am pretty sure her brother is raving about Moringa in the US too πŸ™‚

Now here is our own personal moringa updates.

Boil 150 grams of moringa leaves and stalks on pot of water (we used slow cooker). Strain and store. Ideal if 2 persons can finish this in one day to get your day’s daily calcium needs.

Since we have lots of trimmings, Nanay decided to make Moringa Tea.

It tastes really really really surprisingly good. I have been adding about 5grams of moringa to my fruit juices. It tastes really really strong.. so I only put a little of it in my juice. The sweetness of the juices hides the bitter taste. However, in order to get the full benefit from Moringa, one should consume at least 100 grams of it!! Thats a lot!! stuff my self silly with Moringa?? Naaah! am not that eccentric (maybe a little). Nanay and Tatay cooks Moringa almost everyday.. since I am into raw food lately. I usually dont eat cooked moringa.

Making tea out of 150 grams of leaves.. seems to be the easiest way to consume it— According to cronometer,. am not getting enough calcium from my raw food diet. Moringa is rich in bio-available calcium.. so there you go…

Potentially, am also thinking the cows/goats from local dairy farms here in Singapore can potentially eat moringa as well… so instead of grass fed cows/goat.. we have moringa fed cows/goat.. hmmmm! why not? perhaps I should start making calls to the dairy farmers and suggest this idea to them…

Ok back to our own family updates. Nanay also added the moringa tea to her coffee enema.

** for the faint of heart.. dont continue reading**
She expelled more stringy worm like mucus plus black things the size of a half of a date. I presume these are eggs of parasites. Ok I dont have the inclination to take picture and investigate. Am just pleased that she is expelling these ancient creatures out of her body. Better out than in.

Tomorrow, am going to post photos of the branches/trimmings that my father want to throw away.

To those who are interested on sustainable farming, watch the movie and read the HOW to’s

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  1. Pauline permalink
    December 6, 2012 3:55 pm

    Hi I will like to buy moringa from you. Can advise how to contact you? I have written to you but no reply so far.
    Thanks so much.

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