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My Favorite YouTube Channels

September 7, 2012

Just love Matt Monarch, Angela Monarch and their baby Oria
– I mostly agree on their ideas about coffee enema and colonics and eleminitation communication, their parenting styles
– if I will be in a relationship, my ideal kind of relationship is the one that Matt and Angela shares
– not so much of the spiritual stuff though
– as far as marketing their products, I think its tastefully done. everyone has got to make a living, and I believe they are making a living while doing what they are passionate about

– young, vibrant single woman who seemed to have everything together
at a very young age

– John is unprentetious and expresses his opinions in clear and simple profound way

– she and partner durianrider makes eating rawvegan more mainstream
– what I dont like about them (specially her partner durianrider) is that they backfight other raw foodies

– a mother of 3, studying part time and nursing a 2 month old baby girl, while attempting a raw vegan lifestyle is just truly amazing…

– not too purist
– they also live in a tropical country almost like Singapore

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