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Transitioning to at least 60% fruit based diet

September 13, 2012

I have been transitioning to at least 60% fruit based diet since 18th August, (almost a month) now and it has given me an opportunity to slowly detox and lose some extra weight. I have lost a total of 4 kilos (about 8 pounds). My early morning routine – drink 400ml distilled water – take care of daughter’s needs – juice at least 4 oranges, put it into my water bottle – if I have time, I will eat half a watermelon for breakfast As soon as I turn on my PC – drink water or orange juice – after 30 minutes eat a banana For lunch – eat about 5 bananas or 2 dragon fruit or 3 mangoes – snack on dates (about 5) For dinner – eat blanched greens (red spinach/sweet potato leaves) or just plain raw lettuce – with boiled sweet potato or brown rice Been trying to follow the tips from Keeping a daily food log via Cronometer and also keep looking at this food combination guide: the way, I seldom eat dairy, meat or fish now..I eat eggs about once a week. Not trying to be a purist or be “spiritual”– this is just my way of healing myself. So glad that fresh fruits are readily available everywhere you go in Singapore. We have Sun and Moon Fruit retail store..classy, unprententious fruit store at Change Alley…

Fruit Availability Chart in Singapore

And that government even promotes a Fruit Scheme so that fruits can be delivered to your home and/or office:

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