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Before and After Photos (Parasite Cleanse and Healthy Diet)

September 16, 2012

Most of the time, the caregivers of cancer patients neglect themselves. I did! so I know what I am talking about. The last 6 years of my life was a constant roller coaster of ups and downs… though I could say my child’s life totally changed my life and made it very colorful.. I literally neglected myself…

I saw the full impact of it when a friend took a photo of me, while praying during my daughter’s birthday party. At first, I was quite mad that she even uploaded it to facebook and tagged me. I immediately untagged it, and pretended not to see it. But I kept looking at it, and finally it settled in.. I have had really totally let myself go.. literally crumbling before my friends and family’s eyes. That is when I started visiting natural beauty bloggers to see if there is anything out there safe enough that could save me from this self destructive behavior.

I also have to come out clean, even I was writing about my mother’s natural therapies.. I ate JUNK.. I was eating out of frustration and emotion.. I would detox one day and pile up on junk the next day. I would try all the things that nanay do.. but only if Nanay and I have to literally force me into it.. making our relationship very stressful.

Lately, I saw Nanay seemed to be depressed, seemed to be losing her ‘fighting spirit’. I asked her what’s wrong? She wouldnt say anything.. tried to psychologise her.. by eating healthy again and eating with her as much as I can. And refocusing my efforts in reversing my habits.

Of course the parasite cleanse and liver cleanse I’ve done in June/July 2012, really helped, to start the momentum, I would say that the transition to mostly raw diet (fruits from the time I wake up till about 6pm and then cooked whole foods based on greens with potatoes/brown rice.. with less fat)… I began to notice a lot of improvements

– my mood is now very consistent
– my brain fog is gone
– I have more positive outlook in life again
– most important of all, my bowel movements and menstruation is much regular now
– the pain in my right abdomen and the left lower abdomen is almost unnoticeable now
– i still feel pain on the arch of my feet and my legs though…
– I have more energy to exercise (trampoline, walking the dog and chasing my daughter at the playground.

As of today, I am trying to transition to the 80 10 10 Diet by Dr. Dough Graham… am currently probably at 60 20 20 right now. 60% carb (from fruit and a small salad for dinner) 20% protein (from nuts and seeds) and 20% fats. The goal is to eat 80% fruit and a big salad for dinner with 10% protein (from nuts and seeds) and only 10% fat (ideally from an avocado).

Even if I am only at 60 20 20.. I have seen tremendous improvements already. I have lost 4kgs and as you can see it seems I shranked!! 🙂 yey! I am motivated to keep going and reach my pre-pregnancy weight,, still about 8 kgs to go,, but I am not going to stress myself about how long it takes to lose it.

The short term goal is to build strength so I could do more exercise in less time and eat more nutrient dense foods, without denting my already dented pocket.. and not taking too much time to prepare.

Ohh.. the before and after photos? here you go..

18 Mar 2012. Fluffy cheeks, bloated protruding belly. June – 30 day Humaworm parasite cleanse, July – liver flush. Aug – transitioning to 60 % raw food. 16 Sept 2012 face less fluffy, stomach less bloated. and a list of other benefits.

Updates: I no longer use Humaworm, I used Barefoot Herbalist’s products instead.

IF YOU ARE BASED in SINGAPORE: you can buy Barefoot HErbalist’s products from here:

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  1. September 22, 2012 1:20 am

    Wow, you are an inspiration…

    • September 22, 2012 8:48 am

      thanks MamaJ.. still losing flab as we speak 🙂 which is just a bonus (as some of my other health issues are slowly being addressed) will post more after photos in the coming months

  2. September 26, 2012 3:53 pm

    Hi Lanie, I’m glad to know that the parasite cleanse worked well for you. We are on opposite ends of the rope, though. I’m trying very, very hard to gain weight. Unfortunately, “stress” is my strongest enemy and constant buddy so unless I succumb to a McDonalds and Ben and Jerry’s diet, I really can’t gain weight as long as I’m working.

    Anyway, I totally understand what you meant with “Most of the time, the caregivers of cancer patients neglect themselves.” I’m wondering if you’ve come across Britta Aragon and her blog Cinco Vidas? She always talks about how cancer patient caregivers should continuously and equally care for themselves, too, as the patient they’re looking after and caring for would usually draw strength from them.

  3. September 26, 2012 8:03 pm

    hi vivi, thanks for visiting my blog… what a pleasant problem you have.. read the book 80 10 10 diet by Dr. Doug graham — he have some cases similar as yours there..will take a look at Cinco Vodas too…oh by the way, my Low Poo method also worked for my hair.. it has been ages since I started on the Low Poo method.. and my hair is thanking me for it (1. use baking soda/ ACV once a week, 2, wash with conditioner once a week 3. wash with shampoo, then condition and hot oil once a week)..Nanay has been quite pleased too, she had a haircut yesterday.. then my daughter and I helped her to dye her hair with henna, what fun we’ve had!

    am hoping to buy a pair of shoes for myself today and a new dress..yeah I prefer late night shopping (lesser crowd).. will visit you and sesame one of these days too 😉

    God Bless!


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