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Fearfully and wonderfully made

September 21, 2012

My family and I are not well. I know for years that I have scoliosis, that I have chronic constipation and tonsilitis. Still, for my of my life I was able to study well and complete my Engineering course regardless of my almost monthly visits to the doctors.

My father, have hernia and smokers cough. My mother who have lead a clean, healthy life (no vices, diet based on fruits and vegetables), how have cancer. My daughter is also having her own health problems such as infections and cavities. Other relatives and friends had “hit the wall” with various diseases.

One evening in desperation, I pulled a Bible off the shelf. Came across

Psalm 139:14, where the Psalmist praises God because

” I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Immediately I looked up in exasperation and said,

“if we are so wonderfully made, why are we so sick? God, why did’nt you give us a way to be healthy?”

The heavenly answer came in the form of a quiet question in my mind. Lanie, the Questioner asked,

“have you really read my instruction book”

Apparently a doctor named Dr. Rex Russell, had the same prayer/conversation with God. I am going to literally copy the words in his book.

Quoting Dr. Russell:

What could I do?
Because I’m a doctor, I searched for medical answers with many physicians. One convincend me that my diet needed more vitamins and minerals. So I began taking about 50 pills a day. I was still ill, and exhausted, but I continued to test such measures and to study the many claims by various scientists and nutritionists. Instead of health and clarity, I only experienced continous illness and confusion.

If a doctor, could be confused, then I do not have to be ashamed to acknowledge that I could be confused too.. there was a time whenever I hear the word “alternative”, I would bury my head in researching and finding testimonials about this and that therapy.. only to find out that all of these have limitations.

Quoting Dr. Russell again
Of course, I held a Bible on my lap, but I was skeptical that a book what I might find inside its pages would help. How could a book written 2,000 and 6,000 years ago possibly have any relevant health information? From my research, I knew that in primitive times treating splinters with worm’s blood and the donkey’s dung was promoted. I doubted that any ordinances in Scripture could offer any help for modern people.

I was also a little afraid. Even if the Bible were to point me to some answers, would they be taken as ridiculuos by other physicians? Would what Scripture had to say move me toward rejecting my faith? I knew that God’s reputation rested on His laws. How could any of the some 632 commandments in Deuteronomy, plus other laws scattered throughout Scripture possibly reinforce my faith or help in my world or help me?

Yet I decide to read God’s Word for what it might have to say about my plight. I prayed for wisdom from Him alone, because I had not been helped by human;s ideas about health.

Sure enough, this study brought me to exciting new understanding and insights. The pages of Scriptures sprang to life for me.

I began to seriously the the fact that GOd promised good health to the Jewish people:

If you listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you. (Exodus 15:26)

Neither are these principles another kind of “faith healing” Although many people have studied these Biblical principles and obediently applied them, expecting miraculous results my own faith was limited. Yet God was true to fulfill His lawws in my live. His Divine Design works.

Some non-Christians who read my blog haphazardly think that Nanay’s remission was through some form of “faith healing” (miraculous healing)… I would probably say I do not have that much faith yet, and this probably the reason why the Biblical principles based on the Old Testament appeals to me. (Though in many instances, prayer and laying of hands had seemed to work to heal daily ills for my relatives and family — for example, my niece’s broken arm, my daughter’s fever–>many countless times, my nephew’s healing from Dengue and a random baby that my mother prayed for in an emergency ward. Ok- I dont have a test result to prove this ok? this is the reason why, i didnt write a lengthy article about this encounters with God.)

Anyway, back to Dr. Russell…

Quoting him again
This book (What the Bible says About Healthy Living), has several purposes.

First, I will supply information from both the Bible and medical research about disease prevention. It is reassuring to know that great protection is available to those who will follow God’s design for healthy living. Unfortunately, many waste precious resources on unnecessary health expenses.

Even Freelee and Durianrider of (who claim to be not religious) can attest to the fact, that we have been wasting money on unnecessary medical bills. They do not have a personal relationship with God, but they unknowingly are following the Genesis way of natural living (based on fruits and vegetables).

quoting Dr. Russell again
Some who will read this book lack a personal relationship with the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. Even so, by following the principles of His Word they can benefit from His design for healthy living.

I also want this book to Help Christians who are sick. The Bible is also a great resource for the recovery of health. Through faith and the power of the Holy Spirit, believers will be able to follow these biblical principles.

I am not claiming that Christians/Jews are the only ones who will recover their health or maintain their health. Am just saying that even if you are not a Christian/Jew, if you are doing the things listed in the Bible for purely physical reasons— you will heal. The only difference though is that you would not enjoy the journey spiritually, and you will not reap the benefits after life.

quote Dr. Russell:
So here is an invitation for you to begin your own personal journey to healthier living through the knowledge and application of God’s design. In the seventh century before Christ, Hosea, the prophet to the kingdom of Judah, uttered this doleful lament;

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6)

If we decide to pay attention to God’s design, health and blessing will follow, and God will be glorified in our lives. If we decide to ignore God’s design, the consequences can be dire indeed.

It seems this youtube channel is also going to be one of my favorites

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