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Youtube Divas! First Natural Beauty Tip- HENNA

September 27, 2012

We now have our official YouTube Channel, to view us, please choose the playlists, it will be easier, our playlists are here:

And today, I would like to share with you a video we made this week. How to mix henna, coffee and acv to make natural hair dye to cover Nanay’s dry hair. Zarah had fun and am sure Nanay enjoyed the bonding session.

This also a way to teach Zarah, life skills (dyeing hair?), and making the right choices in terms of beauty products. She is almost 7 years old and in a few years, she will be a pre-teen, then a teen ager… she will soon be part of the mass target of commercials and advertisements for cosmetic/carcinogenic products. I would rather empower her now to be a major influencer amongst her peers (with a cool factor)– than her being a slave to the toxic industry. Do help me here dear readers, if you have any suggestion, on how to make this upbeat enough and cool that she will be proud to share this with her friends.. without being too over the top, but just natural and unpretentious.. you see am not actually the fashionista or the vain type of girl, so I really need help on this department myself.

For now, she is doing this just for fun and sheer love for her grandma..soon she will be doing this for herself..

HENNA – Natural Hair Dye (to cover white hair)
What you will need:
Henna Powder (“Dark Brown” from Eden Health Singapore)
Black Coffee Powder
ACV (apple cider vinegar)
a bowl
hot water

To cover Nanay’s short hair we needed a ratio of 2:1 of henna to coffee. So for 12 tbsps of Henna Powder, we have 6 tbsps of coffee. In this video, we made 3 smaller batches, so Zarah learns the concept of ratio and proportion and adjusting the water or the dry ingredients based on whether the mixture looks too “wet” or too “dry”.

1. Mix coffee powder and a bit of hot water (expresson consistency)
2. Add the Henna Powder (until you have a gluey or pasty consistency)
3. Add Apple Cider Vinegar
4. Leave mixture for about 12 hours
5. Apply to hair using a tooth brush
6. Leave on for 2 to 4 hours
7. Wash and condition hair afterwards

**NOTE: Natural Henna Powder is actually GREEN in color, but when it is wet it turns red/deep orange. So, when buying Henna, choose the powder that is green in color and does not claim to give you any color other than its natural red/deep orange color (when wet). If you want to have a black dye, you need to add black coffee and some acid on it for henna to absorb/release the color, and you need to soak the mixture for 12 hours before applying to hair. For purposes of this tutorial, I just used the brand Eden Health, which I believe is not the “real” Henna. I kinda expected the bad results. Am going to order Henna from a reputable Henna online retailer this week and redo Nanay’s hair.

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