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Review: Fruit Home Delivery by KSY

October 17, 2012

Last month, I ordered $100sgd worth of fruits from KSY (a fruit wholesaler) for direct delivery to my house. Purchased 30 young thai coconuts, for Nanay’s daily selenium needs (remember selenium helps to chelate arsenic). This is much better than buying selenium supplements.

Also bought 15 kilos of bananas from them, as I was on Banana diet for about 4 weeks. Banana diet means eating only about half a kilo of bananas for lunch (half a kilo is about 4-5 large Del Monte bananas).

Ordered a few pineapple and grapefruit to try. Nothing very special.

Its just very convenient to have the fruits in boxes and delivered right to your doorsteep with no delivery fee.

We actually have to use our back up fridge to keep the young coconuts and bananas. On retrospect, I think I should have just left the bananas outside the fridge (as it turned black instead after 2 weeks). What I really wanted to have are spotted bananas just ripe enough and sweet enough and easily digestible enough to eat.

If you want to have fruits delivered to your home/office, contact
HP : 97992064 ( SMS )
Tel: 6 873 0212
Fax: 6 779 7688
Sales & Operations: Clifford HP 94313399

I am visiting their warehouse to buy Class 2 fruits (spotted bananas and mangoes), which some people consider as overripe, but its actually the ideal stage of the fruit for eating and easy digestion. Class 2 fruits are usually sold at a discounted price..excited!!

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