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Pinoy Datorade (Malunggay, Camote Tops Banana & Dates Smoothie)

October 22, 2012

Smoothie made up of Dates, Bananas, Kiwis, kelp powder and Pinoy ingredients (Malunggay/Moringa and Sweet Potato Tops)

Have been making Pinoy Datorade for the past 3 days now. I think this is going to be my daily staple. Each 400ml worth of this smoothie is enough for a satisfying, energizing and nourishing meal (good for lunch on busy office days). I also brought this to church, as I know morning service and then sunday school would eat up my Sunday morning.. easy to sip through while walking around the church (bring Zarah to the Children’s programme *sip*, go to the worship hall *sip*, after service, pick Zarah for mid-morning snacks *sip*, send Zarah to her Sunday School class *sip*, walk towards the Ladies’ Sunday School class *sip*, pick Zarah from Sunday School class *sip*, wait for Zarah while she plays with friends *sip*, go home and clean up *sip* — by this time my 400 ml smoothie is finished!! :))

I improvised on Freelee’s datorade and Engr. Archival’s (Malunggay/Moringa and Camote Tops Smoothie)

Engr. Archival’s Malunggay and Camote Tops Smoothie here

To prepare the smoothie, you need the following:

Water (make sure it would consist 25 percent of the smoothie)

Malunggay leaves and camote tops (25 percent of the smoothie)

Bananas, kiwi, dates, figs and goji berries (50 percent of the smoothie)
1/2 full heaping teaspoon of kelp powder (for iodine)

Soak dates, figs and goji berries for at least 30 minutes
Throw away the water used to soak dates, figs and berries.
Ensure your dates dont have pits.
Cut in small pieces (so that your blender dont have to work so hard)

after soaking for 30 minutes, we chopped the figs, dates (pitted) and goji berries before putting it on to the blender

How to prepare:
1. Wash malunggay leaves and camote tops in running water. To sift stubborn dirt off the leaves, add two teaspoons of “real vinegar” (from coconut toddy) to the water in a basin where you can immerse the greens for a time.

2 stalks of moringa/malunggay, and a handful of sweet potato leaves (about a cup of loosely packed greens). This makes this datorade so Pinoy.

2. Pour in water to a blender. Make sure that water consists 25 percent of the smoothie (you can dilute it to your preference later on). Add the pre-soaked dates, figs and goji berries, until they turn milky.

3. Place malunggay leaves into the blender. Top with the camote leaves. Make sure that the leafy greens consist 25 percent of the smoothie.

4. Place peeled bananas and kiwi fruit . You can use tungdan or lakatan. Make sure that the rest of the 50 percent of the smoothie is made up of fruits.

5 lakatan bananas and 2 kiwi fruits

5. Plug in the blender to work.

Blend the pre-soaked figs, dates, berries first, the greens and kelp powder then the fruits last.

6. If bitter taste overpowers sweetness of fruits, add more fruits (my proportion will ensure the bitterness of the leaves is covered by the sweetness of fruits).

7. Pour smoothie in a tall glass. This serves as your breakfast or LUNCH as this is complete food already. For best results, intake is recommended one hour after consuming carrot juice early in the morning.

For 3 adults, I blended, 1 cup of greens (Moringa/malunggay, camote tops), 1 tsp of kelp powder, 2 figs, 3 dates, 6 bananas, and 2 kiwi fruits with 1.5 cups of distilled water. It is very thick and satisfying. This turned out to be about 800ml of smoothie. 400ml for me, 200ml each for Nanay and Tatay.

Pinoy datorade for my parents and me. The 2 glasses were half filled as my parents prefer a more diluted version as a snack. So, they topped it up with water and stirred it. I prefer mine thick and chunky as this is a meal for me.

Nanay and Tatay, diluted their share of smoothies. Poured smoothie into their glass until its half full, then they added water until the glass is full and just stirred it. They prefer a watered down version of my Pinoy Datorade.

“You have food. You have raw food rich in nutrients, rich in green enzymes to aid digestion. The practice is very eco-friendly. No firewood used; no cooking oil. Not even dishes to wash,” Archival pointed out the health and economic benefits of preparing smoothies for the family.

He said that he used to have a problem with his eyesight. “Before, I can’t drive. I relied on contact lens. But when I started drinking malunggay and camote tops smoothie, I’m back to driving at 64 years old,” he proudly shared.

Archival further encouraged participants to plant their own vegetables to be assured of the quality and hygiene of products.

Yesterday morning, it seems I have another tonsilitis attack (but not full on yet), after drinking this smoothie – it went away on its own. The sweetness of the fruits, hides the strong flavours of the malunggay/moringa. No matter what fruit you use, ensure your moringga/malunggay makes up only 25% or less of your total volume –> as its flavour is really really strong. Also add kelp powder for its Iodine content (you dont want to have thyroid issues due to the raw leaves).. the kelp powder counteracts the effects of raw leaves and protects our thyroid.

Our Ladies’ Sunday School covered Psalms 42:1, yesterday.

As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.

In this psalm the picture word that represents humanity is the DEER. and the FLOWING Streams represent the Source and Sustainer of Life, which is God. All of us are like the deer, we cannot survive without water. When we drink water, we dont drink water just once, we drink continously throughout the day. We also have to be careful not to fill our thirst for God by other means (such as looking for spirituality in raw food lifestyle or in nature). We all thirst for God, whether we know it or NOT. Yes, I would agree that raw food lifestyle is good for our health, in fact I believe it is supported by the Old Testament, but going overboard and focusing on the self insted of focusing on God, can put even the high raw foodist into depression. WE all need God in our lives, dont think you can fulfill your lives otherwise. Remember, King Solomon? He was the richest King of his time, but all this he found is just vanity and striving for the wind “nothing” compared to the glory that we will find in Jesus.

13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

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