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My encounter with Peter Lim of Nature’s Glory

November 28, 2012

You know how it feels when you walk into a store and you feel like you are connected to the owner in one weird way? Everytime I walk into the Nature’s Glory’s Warehouse Store at Tan Boon Liat Building, and entertain myself looking at the stuff they have in every aisle (The way I used to enjoy browsing Watsons and Sasa – I don’t enjoy cosmetics anymore by the way)….can’t help to wonder, why did the owner decide to bring these products to Singapore? Is there anyone in his family who is on natural cancer therapy?

Anyway, the reason I trekked to Nature’s Glory is because of my SIL. She was terribly sick at that time and my mother wanted to offer help. So, as a good SIL I offered help by buying the enema bucket. After work, I trekked to Tan Boon Liat Building in my high heels, only to find out that the store is closed already!.. But I saw some hope, literally I saw a tiny bit of light coming from the crack on the door…I pushed the door, and realized it was unlocked.. so I called whoever is inside (my instincts tell me it could be either the owner or the store manager)… they should not have the heart to push away a customer… so I called “”HEEELLLOO!!!anyone there ?? I need to buy something (in a sing song voice)… its an emergency!!” The son came out and said, “Sorry we are closed now”. I said, obviously, “you are still OPEN” (GRINNING!!)… please, I need to buy an enema bucket (in the most desperate tone I could muster)”. Then the father came out, looking very interested,” What do you need the enema for?, What emergency?”… so I told him about my SIL’s issue… then in a comical way he asked, and how do you think the enema will help your SIL? I told him I just know, by instinct, as it helped my mother in more ways than one… Slowly, the son, started to warm up on me as well. But he kept saying, the cash register is closed. In the end, he opened it anyway, and allowed me to buy. I chatted with them for another good 30-45 minutes about Gerson Therapy and a few other things… Hmmm, somehow I feel less and less lonely in this journey, I begin to be more connected to “real people” who have had “real encounters with cancer” and “real experiences” on natural cancer therapies (not your usual sad quack stories). And now my SIL is into it as well… my friend M and my SIL are into natural therapies now.. it seems I am creating a community of natural healing enthusiasts within my circle of family and friends… Note: I have also learned from Peter Lim, that they have stopped selling Lugol’s Iodine for a while. Which I think is a good thing, apparently commmercially prepared Lugol’s Iodine (which are synthetically made) are toxic. I shared with Peter Lim and his son that here are natural sources of Iodine from trees and also sea weeds (dulse, kelp, sea weeds). My friend M called me the other day and told me that Nature’s Glory called her to inform that they have Iodine in stock already– I hope they are selling the natural versions of it. We purchased our natural iodine online from here: I will also call Peter Lim to confirm whether they stock the same natural iodine at Nature’s Glory for the Singapore Market.

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  1. June 17, 2015 6:03 pm

    I am perfectly healthy but have been on Gerson for almost a year now, just to detox and repair my organs. I do 1 to 3 enemas a day and never felt better in my entire life even though I am 52 years old.
    Many of my friends and my family are now following my regimen and love the results.

    Liked reading you post… thanks for writing.

    Ines Ligron

  2. Claudia Anne Mohr permalink
    April 7, 2016 1:14 pm

    Maybe you should try Low Molecular Fucoidan for Natural Cancer Theraphy it has the most promising results at the moment

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