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Fungistatic versus Fungicidal

December 14, 2012

– Having an inhibiting effect upon the growth and reproduction of fungi without destroying them

– having an ability to kill invading fungus rather than merely inhibiting the growth and reproduction of fungi

Most cancer drugs are fungistatic and if the drug is fungicidal, it also toxic to the host or the human body.

However plant based fungicides like Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil/Extract, are non-toxic to humans in its recommended dosages.

According to Dr. Morton Walker,

The fungal cells literally pump the drug out of themselves. In others, the fungi render the drug impotent by either mutating or producing overwhelming amounts of the (fungal) target of the drug.

Nearly all the synthetic drugs are fungistatic in their actions; that is, when they’re working, they inhibit the growth of fungi. Olive Leaf Extract is different ; most of the time its fungicidal. It has the ability to kill the invading fungus rather than merely inhibiting its growth.

As a fungicidal, Olive Leaf Extract (and probably some other herbs with fungicidal properties like Oregano) offers the advantage of leaving behind fewer fungal cells, thus lowering the potential of a drug-resistant mutation.This antimicrobial attribute reduces the likelihood of a relaps after stopping therapy with olive leaf extract.

I believe most conventional doctors know that cancer is a type of mutated fungus, that is why the drugs they offer patients are usually strong antibiotics and fungicide/fungistatic.

What bothers me most is that no conventional doctor is willing to try herbs in therapeutic dosages instead of synthetic drugs…You know why? its because the education system for the medical field is now flawed.. it all started in the 30’s or 50’s

John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire with his Big Oil monopoly in the U.S. He parlayed that into a Health Care monopoly early in the century when he financed 1,100 medical schools across the U.S. that made pharmacology — with petrochemical-derived drugs — the core of the curriculum. His “philanthropic” contribution to hospitals was in fact with self-serving intent to create “ethical” drug pushers for the drug companies he owned… while financing legislation that made allopathic “drugs-per-symptom” medicine the “legal standard” (monopoly) which the FDA has used to suppress natural “biologically correct” health care to this day.

I am pretty sure the same statements from Dr. Walker is applicable to other herbs that have fungicidal action (e.g. Oregano Oil)…

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