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How to: Make Olive Leaf Tea

December 14, 2012

1000 year old Olive Trees at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

The reason why herbs get a bad rap is because sometimes the herbs that we get are usually of low quality or have been contaminated.

If one would like to depend on herbs to restore health, we have to know how to get the best quality herb that we can get and then also be able to know how to prepare it for the best possible result.

What to Look For

1. Good quality olive leaves, Mission or Manzanillo cultivar which have not been sprayed with copper sulphate.
A reputable supplier of organic olive leaf tea would be a good bet for this.

2. Packed by a supplier specialising in olive leaf tea. Leaves must be dried below 150 deg F. (65 deg C.) to be fully effective.

3. If you have your own olive trees, you can make your own tea.

From Olive Leaf Extract book authored by Dr. Morton Walker

Locally one can buy from Eden Health Food Store at Peninsula Plaza but not sure if it is good quality olive leaves.

The Barefoot Herbalist also sells it online at Natures Spices, this is of good quality as they abide by Dr. Mortan Walker and Keep Hope Alive’s protocols.

I guess the best source is one that you grow yourself, this is my next project, to find an olive tree for planting.. so we can grow and dry our own

Make your own Olive Leaf Tea leaves.

If you have your own olive trees, you can make your own tea.
The key is to ensure you have good quality leaves not sprayed with pesticides.

1. Pick healthy leaves without blemishes mid-morning when any dew has dried.

2. The leaves should ideally be oven-dried at just below 150 deg F. (65 deg C).
Tests indicate that more active ingredients are lost by air or sun-drying than oven drying.
If you air-dry the leaves, preferably do not lay them in direct sunlight which will cause more oxidative damage and reduce their benefits.

2. When dry, crush the leaves by hand, removing the stalks and place in paper packets for storage before use.

3. Make tea in a teapot as you would normally make it, using approximately a teaspoonful of leaves per cup.

4. For the more sophisticated, (or those who enjoy playing), empty tea bags can be purchased off the internet to spoon your dried leaves into. Use unbleached teabags for healthiest results.


From Olive Leaf Extract book authored by Dr. Morton Walker

Nanay brews a stronger tea to ensure she gets the full therapeutic benefits from the olive leaves.

Stronger Oliver Leaf Tea

You will need
1 pound bag of whole olive leaves (air dried not exceeding 150F)
1 gallon of distilled wwater
2 bottles (1 quart each)
1 candy making thermometer

How to make
1. Rinse the leaves in a bowl of water to rinse away impurities
2. drain the water
3. Add leaves to crock pot and fill with one gallon of distilled water
4. slow cook for 6 hours at low temperature
– check temperature with thermometer (175F-185F)
5. keep heating, checking hourly wait until it reaches this range
6. when temperature range is reached, move the pot cover off center by 1/4 inch so some heat escapes
7. After 10 hours, add enough water to bring the liquid to 1 gallon level again
8. Replace cover tightly
9. keep checking hourly to maintain temperature range
10. after 12 hours turn off heat and allow the crock pot to cook to room temperature, from 4-6 hours
11. use a cup and place on glass bottles
12. strain the balance to remove leaves
13. discard the leaves
14. refrigerate
– can be stored up to 2 weeks
15. strain before drinking

Dosage: 1/2 cup 3x a day (not later than 7pm)

The above recipes were used by Keep Hope Alive for HIV/Aids patients and they have conducted several studies on this..

The Olive Leaf Extract Book by Dr. Morton Walker is available in Singapore public libraries, the call number is below:
English 615.32387 WAL -[HEA]

Once you have read the book, and you feel its good for you.
Buy the book from

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