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Self (LDM) Lymphatic Drainage Massage

January 16, 2013

Am now comfortable to do the next step which is lymphatic cleansing, since my I have done colon cleansing for more than 1 month now

I performed LDM (Lymphatic Drainage Massage ) on myself daily starting last Saturday (so that is 4 days of daily skin brushing and LDM).

This youtube playlist is so easy to follow.. you can do this anywhere.. office, bus, your bedroom. 

Why cleanse the colon first before LDM? 

Its because when the lymph gets rid of accumulated waste in your nodes, after it goes to the bloodstream and gets filtered by the kidneys, the toxic wastes go out either via skin (perspiration), stools or urine.  If it is going out via stools you want to ensure your colon is working well so it wont stagnate. Also ensure you perspire everyday and also drink enough water so you can urinate all those toxins away.

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