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Ringworm Tree (cassia alta)

February 18, 2013

As its common name suggests Ringworm tree/ bush or cassia alta (also known as acapulko in Tagalaog, kasitas in my mother’s dialect,gelanggang in malay, or candlestick bush, wild senna… It has so many names) which grows in Singapore, malaysia, Philippines, the amazon… Can cure ringworm or buni..

Tatay developed buni or ringworm on his left foot after drinking olive leaf tea, which I think is a healing reaction, he didnt clean his colon and liver so the reactions manifested on the skin instead of down and out in the bowels… He saw the bush on the sidewalk and pointed it to nanay, he said its supposed to cure ringworm but he forgot how it is applied. Nanay remembered that it is called kasitas in the Bicolano dialect. I googles it and found it in stuart exchange.

However, i followed wikipedia’s version on how to make a poultice out of the leaves and stems, i added olive oil and blended the leaves, stems and oil until it looked like a wet cotton wool.

I applied it on tatay’s skin last night and we saw immediate improvement this morning. 25 percent of the scab is gone. The redness, swelling and it itchiness down by almost 60 percent. It probably works for eczema flare ups.



after 24 hours


Video- How to make the poultice

Notice that my daughter was watching us while playing piano, decided to leave the piano to give her full attention to the Activity, hope that she learns valuable life skills through this.. Another teachable moment.

After 5 days

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  1. May 29, 2013 3:01 am

    This natural cure looks simply amazing. I haven’t had the energy to hunt for solutions like this so thanks for the heads up.

  2. June 5, 2013 10:30 pm

    thanks Mama J… I guess I need to provide you all an update.. my father’s buni/ringworm is healed now.. the cassia alta certainly helped to reduce the symptoms but it did not completely heal—(it kept coming back— its like it has become a dumping ground for toxins— MH (the herbalist from where I buy our herbs) told me that eruptions like this is our body’s way of expelling toxins (more like a secondary anus/rectum).. until I ask my father to take LBB (lower bowel balance capsules), 4x a day… for 3 months…LBB helped to pull the toxins through his bowels for elimination.. ive noticed that not only his facial skin became smoother his pot belly also became noticeably smoother.. his moods also improved..!

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