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My Daughter’s Allergy Relieved without Medicine

August 7, 2013

I am talking about dry cough and sneezing and watery eyes type of allergic reactions which is sometimes accompanied by fever. With fever it usually lasts only 2-3 days, but without fever the couging/sneezing/watery eyes lasts for weeks.

Diagnosis (by paediatrician)
Allergy to either mites, dander and dust
Diagnosis (by TCM doctor)
Allergy to chicken, orange and other citrus fruits
Diagnosis by an Osteopath/Naturopath
Allergy to wheat, beef (including other products from cow e.g. butter)

An account of the paedia’s diagnosis last year (2012- the last conventional doctor we have seen). This is when I have had enough of the BS…

This is what my daughter’s long time pediatrician told me many months ago, when I brought my daughter for her chronic cough & cold. She agreed that her symptoms are allergic reactions — to what ?? is quite debatable. I told her about the HVBO and the FCLO that Zarah was taking and that am suspecting that the HVBO triggers the allergy. At that time our neighbor’s dog (a siberian husky) was shedding so bad and I have not learned how to clean our room using simple onion/garlic baking soda, towels and oxygen bleach. The pediatrician said it could be due to mites, mold or animal dander. For the first time in years, this pediatrician said something right!!! She did not prescribe antibiotics, and gave Zarah an inhaler and of course the usual medicines (1 for runny nose, 1 for dry cough (expectorant) and 1 for fever, and 1 for stomach upset).

1. why she did not prescribe anything for me to correct the environmental issue? I dont know, perhaps its because its not in her medical manual
2. mucus should be expelled right? then why give me something to stop the runny nose?
3. if she really want to stop runny nose– then why give me an expectorant?
Its like a plumber going to our house, saying that the plumbing is full of hair, but instead of removing the hair, plumber asked me to stop the dripping faucet, by putting foam in it. Then if I need water, just remove the foam, so I can get more water?? Then, it seems she knows that the fever medicine will have some side effects, thats why there is a medicine for stomach upset. Sigh! no wonder our liver play it quits by the time we hit 40. Imagine the amount of medicines we take from preschool to adulthood????

Anyway, I kept the medicines (for some insane reason), but insisted on doing it my way. Read here to know more

Cause: ENVIRONMENTAL (Mites, dander, dust)– really where else can you live without it?
Last year I thought her diagnosis WAS CORRECT– at least I believed that her diagnosis is correct. I also believed her when she said the cause could be ENVIRONMENTAL.. which until now I have reason to believe that it could be one of the factors leading to her allergy. I also felt empowered knowing that aside from popping pills, there is actually something else I could do for my daughter (by the way I grew up as a normal pill popping kid…. I was the typical kid who was fed with PILLS for every ILL– and so look at my digestive system metabolism is also out of whack, my liver is also faulty — just like an overused car.. anyways… lets forget about me). So, I waged war with the environment cleaned our house in every “eco-friendly, no harmful chemicals” kind of fashion. And for a while, it worked… daughter have not had very strong bouts of the “allergy” for weeks I think?? (did I just missed “cleaning-up” regularly?).

Anyways, I do believe that the war against mites, dander and dust, worked for a while. Until the allergy became stronger (in the sense that it is now accompanied by fever)…
At this point, I was still holding on to my CLUTCH (THE MEDICINES dispensed by the pedia…). I knew it wasn’t right, I knew I should not give it to her… but I was afraid that I might be harming my daughter by not giving her the medicines. On all of those nights that her fever would not subside by mere sponge bath, massage and all of my “natural remedies” such as

– by the way this mixture worked for more than a few ailments in our family— so I am not giving up on it
– I am just saying trying to make a point that there are times when this remedy wont work, and because of that I was tempted to reach for my clutch (THE FEVER medicine, COUGH medicine and ANti-runny nose combo – usually dispensed by pedia)

CAUSE: Certain Food that triggers the allergy
Looking back, really we were not able to pinpoint exactly what triggers her allergy it could be any of those listed above, a combination or perhaps all of it. I realized if I will take all of these into consideration, my daughter would become an ISOLATED kid. She cannot play pretty much everywhere (unless I have a vaccum cleaner in tow wherever she goes). She cannot eat her favourite fruits and will also miss out on the nutrients coming from specific food groups.

SO IS IT ALL ABOUT THE TERRAIN? or is it about the body’s ability to survive any kind of TERRAIN??
Now we are talking about TERRAIN?

Picture this.. you want to travel to your dream vacation place.. where it have the best of both worlds, the SEA and the MOUNTAIN, and so you need a vehicle that can carry you in SEA and in the mountains (or at least at the bottom of the mountains)… PICTURE THIS>>>

But hey really? DO you want your daughter to be compared to an ARMORED CAR– to survive all types of terrains… mites, dander, dust, rocks, pebbles.. what have yah? Do you seriously think my daughter would enjoy life driving an armored car wherever she goes? Ey am just exaggerating ok? What I am saying is.. if I am going to address all of those issues by AVOIDING things or food or even PEOPLE?? that trigger her allergy.. she will not enjoy LIFe.. neither would I. If on the other hand, I let her enjoy life, but ask her to carry lots of gizmos so she is PROTECTED!! then it would be sooo UNCOOL!!

Yeah I know, some all terrain vehicles can actually look cool and sexy.. like this>>

BUT HEY!! HOW MUCH WOULD THAT COST??? and YEAH it snot very GIRLY!! okay who cares about being GIRLY when all I want is a healthy and happy child? Well mine does, she wants to be GIRLY! that’s all she wants.

Anyway, I digress….so what is my point here.. if you actually want your daughter to go anywhere she pleases and still look GIRLY, and HAPPY and HEALTHY, what then is her best VEHICLE? Isnt it her own 2 feet ? and probably arms (if she wants to SWIM?)… in that case would it make sense to train her to walk long distances, swim as effortlessly and efficiently as possible so she can get from Point A to point B, enjoying the flowers and the fishes???

Okay okay! Wouldn’t a vehicle need periodic maintenance as well? like a change of oil… a tank of gasoline? Well yeah! you are right. The body needs the right kind of oil and the right kind of fuel. And when it comes to maintaining a vehicle it is also about the mechanical moving parts right? We send our vehicle to a repair shop, not for a shot of PILLS or booze, but for adjustments of MECHNICAL PARTS.. why a pinch here and there— will cause malfunctioning and will reduce the efficiency of the vehicle.. including its ability to adapt to every type of TERRAIN.

There you go.. most of the time we focus on the “CHEMICAL side of things” and neglect the MECHANICAL parts.. That is when I realized I need to send my daughter for “adjustment”. So in one of those “not so normal bouts”, I decided to bring her to a CHIROPRACTOR…. she had fever at that time. I called a few of the well known CHIROPRACTORS in Singapore and was told that she cant be “adjusted” on the first session. That she needs to go for an xray first and then of course wait for an appointment. In short, NO CHIROPRACTOR would accept us as a patient without an XRAY….So there goes, my chance to help her heal “mechanically”. (I may need to explain this in another BLOG— but I will not allow myself or any member of my family to be subjected to XRAY or any test that involves RADIATION). So I continued doing it my own way– clean the environment, tried to avoid food/things that could trigger her allergy.. in short I was a HELICOPTER MOM for several months.

Until I found a chiropractor, who will adjust on the first session (even if the child have a fever— actually it should be most specially if the child have a fever), who would not require an XRAY for us to be accepted as a patient. I found Dr. Theo of LIGHT CHIROPRACTOR at a time when my daughter was doing OK, so I went in first, got myself adjusted by him. Observed him and listened to him. IF anyone is going to put a hand on my child in ways that could make or break her.. he/she should go through me first. So when she had those bad bouts again, I brought her to the clinic, told the receptionist that my daughter have a fever and I need to see Dr. Theo for that reason — she obliged . Dr. Theo adjusted her (on the first session- WIHTOUT AN XRAY) and within minutes she is already running around. She now gets adjusted every month for the last 5 months, since then the bouts are more spaced apart (I think once every 6 weeks instead of every 3 weeks and her recovery period is much much shorter – 5 hours compared to 3 days prior to the adjustments). She is PROTECTED by her own All-TERRAIN immunity system, she is HAPPY, HEALTHY and GIRLY. She travels light in this journey called life (no inhalers, no pills, no vacuum cleaners or masks to tote around.. .Her All-Terrain Vehicle – her own body– will be fine tuned to survive harsh conditions and yet remain graceful and calm.

Now Nanay (my mother) is convinced, we really do not have to hold on to our CLUTCH.. we threw all the fever, cough and cold medicines.. all we have in our cup board now is a liquid that came from a TCM clinic which we can apply to specific parts of my daughter’s body if she is running a fever.. but on rare days when a fever hits her again.. we just let the fever run its course.. and thank God …we have a fever (as a fever is a healing mechanism to fight infections). In fact, when my nephew had a fever, my mother (without saying anything to my SIL), just massaged the boy with that liquid, and prayed over him, that he will be okay, and thanked God for the fever. The fever subsided (pretty much without medication). She didn’t say anything to my SIL. But she did tell me, what her experience was… my mother acknowledged one thing she have learned from me (its usually the other way around right?)….

Out of the 10 friends that my mother talked to about my daughter’s allergy and how it is now being addressed (or probably just run its course), only 1 listened. and that friend went to the same Chiropractor, not knowing what to expect… just the knowledge that she can be adjusted on the first session without an xray (I know it does not make any difference to her at this point– other than it seems to be more convenient.. no need to go back and forth.. but I know she will realize in no time, how crucial it is to find the right person to help you in this journey. Our ATVs all need the best team of mechanics to fine tune it regularly.


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