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Gerson Green Alternatives for Pinoys

September 9, 2013

Got no time for a longer post

– saluyot
– alugbati
– talbos ng kamote (particularly the purple one)
– uray
– dahon ng sili



For cancer patients
– eat okra (learn to love eating it or juicing it)

Do not get stuck– keep moving! if you cant find Gerson Greens in the Philippines.. dont make that a big deal… there are nutritious and cheap organic vegetables available in the Philippines (ang lagay ba sa America lang nag sabog ng blessings and Panginoon at doon lang meron may nutritious veggies? hindi no? meron yan kahit saan— just go back to basics!)

Aside from Malunggay, camote tops , cassava, Nanay now also have saluyot in her garden… we make smoothies made of 3 bananas and a bunch of greends (sometimes we add oregano, sometimes basil, sometimes dahong maria)— we use our instincts… whatever fancies us..she also have dahon ng silli (cayenne)– we will also add that to our smoothies soon… am also trying to find URAY (spiny amaranth) locally.

start planting herbs and veggies (space is not an excuse– you can even plant a carrot in a Coke bottle– you can even use that as a science lesson tool for your kids (transparent bottle… you can see the carrot inside)…

1 bunch spinach/kangkong/alugbati leaves
2 apples

Eating raw food is gradually becoming accepted. So, please don’t be bitter about your usual ampalaya recipe! You can turn your bitter ampalaya into a mouth watering juice!

1 cup sliced ampalaya
Β½ cup water
Pineapple or lemon

Put all ingredients in your juicer or blender. Mix well and enjoy.

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  1. claire permalink
    September 14, 2013 2:22 pm

    i read your blog from the beginning. i have learned so much from you. thank you for generously sharing helpful and useful information for us. have a great day! 😊

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