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Payday Treat

September 18, 2013

Am blessed because I have a full time job, that I can buy healthy food for my family (myself, my daughter and my parents) … This is how I treat myself on payday, i buy my favorite fruits (regardless of the price- avocado, Philippine mango, longgan, malaysian dragon fruit, blood oranges , coconut, malaysian pink guava aaand organic black chocolate ( i indulge once in a while)… And then of course other items not necessarily my favourite but is necessary, cold pressed olive oil for my liver flush on saturday, cilantro and pineapple.. A few things to try like passion fruit and almond butter…

Tomorrow time to restock nanay’s supplies, organic coffee for her enema, wheatgrass juice, aloe vera, okra (hope i can make her eat it again daily),, must find soursop (guyabano) and cavendish(lakatan bananas) at Bukit Batok wet market ( my father will buy for us)… Vitamin b12 supplement ( the only supplement i buy commercially).. The rest of her supplements are from barefoot herbalist (e.g Womens Wellness and Hormone Balance).

So yeah, we are still very strained financially — praying that a local organic store will also sponsor our weekly supply of fruits and veggies– oh dear how does one get blog sponsorship?Oh well!


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