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42 day BReuss Juice Fasting – “M”

September 26, 2013

My friend “M” did the 7 day precleansing (culminating on a liver flush) with me – following the “MH Way”.. the last 3 days she started preparing for a full blown 42 day Breuss Juice Fast…and it was a bitter sweet moment as she started empowering herself (knowing that no matter how much I would like to be with her and help her – I cannot answer every question she might have)..

She paid $20 USD to get full access to this website… (this is the first time I have seen this).. it includes Shopping Lists, instructions and other materials necessary to understand Rudolf Breuss’ logic as far as this alternative cancer treatment is concerned. “M” is doing this as preventive care…

Last night we bought a Hurom Juicer (H-400 model)– this is a “slow” juicer– which is what is recommended for those who are into juice fasting for healing purposes — it does not heat the juice as it rotates slower than normal juicers.. and it separates the pulp from the juice better than normal juicers… Breuss Juice fast means no pulp as much as possible.

I am so proud of her– she really intends to do this the right way and make the best out of it..

Go “M”!!!

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