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Breuss Juice Fast – Where to Shop in Singapore

September 27, 2013

Hurom Slow Juicer – TANGS Basement 1

Beetroots – Green Circle Eco Farm — $9.00 sgd/per kilo (since this will be the biggest purchase every week for 6 weeks it makes sense to buy direct from the farm and arrange for delivery every 2 weeks – so you will need about 12 kilos for 2 weeks of beet roots

Carrots – Sunny Choice at Rail Mall – $7.00 sgd per kilo

Black Radish – Jasons Market Place at City Hall (limited stocks)- you only need 1 kilo for 2 weeks

Teas you can buy separately from Eden Health Food Store

or buy in boxes at Nutrimax Organic or you can just buy online to remove the guesswork in terms of ratio and proportion… you will only need to buy the teas once during the fast (if you follow the instructions from here:

Note: this is the first time I have seen this online resource

I believe it is still best to go to PBCN and let them teach you how to do the fast properly for at least 3 days, maximum 5 days… so you are not at the mercy of the online resource.. but I believe the online resource is better than nothing.

And most importantly it is very very important to do some level of bowel, kidney and liver cleansing before you embark on a fast – specially if you are doing it as a healing modality…

my mother did the coffee enema 2x daily for 42 days, my friend “M”, did the precleansing method by Barefoot Herbalist MHT…others drink epsom salts (see here)

I also cannot over emphasise the importance of family support or in the absence of a family member who knows what to do—the support of a coach (for my mother and I — our coach is Danny Meneses and Cristy Sibonga of the PBCN– they do this full time as their life mission)..

Even if I want to.. I may not be available to answer each and every question you have.. For my friend “M” and I.. we have some level of comfort so– we pull each other up — “M” is also much more disciplined than I am– I supply the knowledge– she supplies the discipline… I also do not fear teaching her as I trust that she would do it at least 99.99% of the time– and if she dont, she will be honest to tell me– and wont blame the process for her non-compliance.

I fervently pray that if you are going to seriously embark on this– that you find time (at least 5 days) and resources to get yourself a coach (PBCN)– and then when you are on your third week.. you can start blogging your experience as well– so others may learn from you too…

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  1. Sel permalink
    September 27, 2013 2:22 pm

    Hi Lanie,

    How about the celery roots, where can we get it here in SG? Thanks.


    • October 1, 2013 12:03 pm

      hi sel we used to buy Celery root from Carrefour (organic)… sometimes NTUC Finest have it too but not always…Jasons Supermarket also sometimes have it…our black radish we bought from Jasons Supermarket at Raffles City Shopping Centre.. swerte swertihan lang.. tried ordering from online organic veggie shops but it seems they are not willing to commit.. to a weekly delivery of celeriac and black radish due to its limited supply… My friend M bought 16 bottles of Biotta from an online seller.. just in case she needs to travel or she cant find the ingredients…

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