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Moringa Protein Shake

October 14, 2013

We still have 1 bag of Moringa powder (each bag is 1kg each)..
selling for $35 sgd — sms or call me at 91849506 or email

The next batch of Moringa powder will be available mid November 2013. Pre- order now!

Frequently asked question:
How much fresh moringa leaves is used to make 1kg of moringa powder?
It takes about 7kg of fresh leaves to make 1kg of moringa powder.

Nanay Miriam's "re-MISSION"

Moringa Protein Shake

Kids Tested! When a kid says something tastes great! It just means that it tastes great (they normally do not care whether it is nutritious or not)! Try this recipe! Moringa (Malunggay) have a very strong taste.. the best way to take it is in smoothies (in fine powder form and in this ratio – 25% Moringa powder to 75% base of fruits/young coconut)– subscribe to our youtube channel for the tutorial (in-progress)
We sell moringa powder per kilo (35 sgd per kilo- excluding delivery fee)– SMS nanay at 91849506 or email

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