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Balancing Hormones with Herbs

October 19, 2013

Check if you have any or all of these symptoms and strive each day to find herbs that will help you balance your hormones


Balancing Hormones Naturally

After 3 years of systematic cleansing I know its time to rebuild Nanay’s health.. time to balance her hormones.. this time with herbs…

excerpt from:

Don’t forget your herbs when thinking about balancing your hormones. There are plenty of herbs that can help and they can boost your nutrition as well. When you boost your nutrition and health in general, this helps the body start balancing the hormone levels itself. All of which give you the end results of feeling much better, and resolving various health complaints and problems you may have suffered from over the years.

As we mentioned in an earlier article, many hormonal problems are caused by disfunctions in the body’s glandular systems. One of the most important glands for balancing hormones is the thyroid. When the thyroid is not functioning well, it can cause a wide variety of problems. Some of these include lack of energy, moodiness and depression, or weight gain.

One herb which is excellent for regulating the thyroid is Kelp. This herb is also quite high in natural iodine, iron, and potassium – all of which are critical minerals for women during menstruation particularly. Many other vitamins, minerals and nutrients are supplied by this herb as well though, and these contribute to your overall health and wellness. Some include various B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

Taking herbs which are excellent sources of various vitamins and minerals is a way to boost your overall health and wellness too, especially when you’re unable to get adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables into your diet. There are several herbs which can be used as natural daily vitamins though. Kelp is just one of those…

MH’s Women’s Wellness powder

contains Horsetail/Shavegass, Alfalfa (leaves not the sprouts), Dandelion leaves, Dulse granules, Irish Moss, Kelp, Spirulina, Red Pepper, Ginger root, Chlorella, Beet Root, Oat Straw, Lobella, Barley grass, Blue Violet leaves, Bone Knit, Rosehops, nutritional yeast, noni fruit, Olive leaf and Oregano Oil.

Horsetail or Shavegress


Alfalfa has the unique property of balancing estrogen levels and therefore other hormonal activities bringing the body back into balance. It can be safely used for conditions of hypo- or hyper-estrogen conditions and there is no toxicity associated with its use.

Alfalfa contains the alkaloids asparagine and trigonelline; the isoflavones formonoetin, genestein, and coumestrol, which give it the estrogenic qualities. It also contains some steroidal saponins, and proteins. Recent studies have shown that alfalfa also has anti-tumor properties, as well as cholesterol lowering activity. In fact, these studies suggest that alfalfa may cause regression and dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques! This is quite a repertoire for such a humble herb.

Dandelion leaf

For those who may be going through symptoms of menopause and severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS), dandelion helps detoxify excess estrogen and other hormones from the liver that trigger these symptoms.

Seaweeds like Dulse and Irish Moss contain a live source iodine that can effectively and rapidly detoxify these xeno-estrogenic compounds.

Red Pepper

Ginger root


Beet root

Oat Straw


Barley grass


Kelp is often used for female hormonal problems too, because it provides a wide variety of vitamins and nutrition, but it also helps stimulate the various glands in the body. Kelp is particularly helpful in regulating the thyroid, and it’s a natural source of iron, calcium and iodine. All of these are particularly important for women during menstruation, especially if you tend to have heavy blood flows.


Bone Knit


Blue violet leaf

Nutritional yeast

Noni fruit

Olive Leaf

Oregano Oil

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