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Peg: Newscaster Hairstyle

November 2, 2013

Last Tuesday, I attended a workshop entitled ” Focused Women – Personal Branding”, which my manager almost forced me to attend (with good intentions am sure). And I am glad I did not whine and complain and just immediately registered. The event was attended by 100+ professionals in the financial/banking industry and it was very organized.

Its one thing to know how to project a professional image but its another to project a winning professional image. And I know that I just needed an extra push to get to the next stage in my career…

The last 2 nights, I’ve been googling and “pinterest”-ing nice hairstyles for thick black hair.. and I was fascinated by the ombre/balage look of Jessica Alba – it looks romantic, dreamy and yet very sophisticated..and still very mumsy (my daughter liked it)…

So, I was thinking– is that the image I wanted to project in the office? No, I dont think so…

Therefore, I looked at photos of my favorite newscasters in the Phillipines (e.g. Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez.. and although I dont like Pinky Webb,, i like her hair)..

All of them seemed to have the same do.. and they have been maintaining it that way for years.. straight/sleek now, a bit curly at the tips, but always layered/textured and shoulder length. The hair is also always swept off the face.

Therefore, I think the NEWSCASTER HAIRSTYLE is perfect for me…I am hoping that my hair color will be the same as Karen Davila’s hair (second photo– sitting )…Henna is still on my head right now.. another 4 hours and I can start rinsing/washing it to see how the color turned out. Then tomorrow.. I will have a professional hair cut to get some layers/textures on my hair…

(These newscasters have hairdressers everywhere they go.. I know…whereas… me I am still keeping this as natural/eco friendly and wallet friendly  as much as I possibly can… Anyway, I really need to improve my image in the office and also need a bit of a morale booster…from the looks department




WAVY at the TIPS…


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