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Giveaways and Discount Code: Human Nature (HN) SIngapore)

November 19, 2013

So excited to share the GOOD NEWS (after all the 2 week long bad NEWS about the Philippines)! Nanay Miriam’s Remission received a package from Human Nature Singapore (products made from the Philippines – All Organic and also budget friendly). If you are based in Singapore, you can be assured that the carbon footprint is less when you buy these products as all ingredients came from the Philippines and the final product flew less distances than your other organic products that came from Australia or Western countries. Malaysians and Singaporeans are raving about these products.

Human Nature is offering a 15% discount off all products to all our readers!
Just key in promo code: HNNM15 upon checkout. The code is valid from now until 24 November 2013 (Sunday, 11.59pm).

Get a chance to win Pineapple Pawikan Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash!
Sunflower Beauy Oil
Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo (with Aloe)

Kids All Natural Shampoo & Body Wash for Giveaway

Kids All Natural Shampoo & Body Wash for Giveaway

To get a chance to win, please

1. Like the following Facebook pages
Human Nature Singapore Facebook page
Nanay Miriam’s Remission Facebook page

4. Subscribe to the following YouTube Channels (where me and my daughter will post our reviews later on)

5. Follow this blog and also enter a short blurb on the comments section on why you want to try the Human Nature Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash and also let me know how you are trying to reduce your toxic burden (toxins you apply in your skin/hair/body unconsciously or consciously), how you reduce your carbon emission and also your little contributions to reduce global warming.

Why did I choose Human Nature?
It is a social enterprise. They create new jobs and source of income for the less fortunate in the Philippines (they teach them how to fish and not just wait for dole outs). They develop their own products from ingredients that are organic and locally grown in the Philippines. The distributor of HN in Singapore is also helping their family and friends in Leyte who were hit by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. But its not just for altruistic reasons, I believe these products also truly works the same if not better than its western organic counterparts.

So, what HN products are we going to try out now? Watch out for our reviews!

Human Nature Hair Products

Human Nature Strengthening SHampoo with Aloe
(I actually wanted to try the clarifying shampoo but they ran out, so they sent me this instead, I smelled it and thought wow, smells so not disappointed at all)
Tangerine Tarsier Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash
(asked my daughter which one she prefer by nose test– and she fell in love with Tangerine Tarsier)
Smoothing Hair Serum
My hair have improved a lot but I still need some help from serums (I used to use Dove Hair serums)– but now I have a better alternative as it is Silicone Free! Yehey)
Sunflower Beauty Oil
Very light oil for facial oil cleansing and as a pre-wash and post-wash hair treatment. I also use it to oil cleanse my underarms.

For the first time in years (probably 3 years), I am going to buy some make-up again (remember Personal Branding?),so my wishlist:
HN Natural Mineral Foundation
N Perfect Glow Mineral Blush
and Lipstick


All Human Nature Hair Shampoo and Conditioner contains  Coconut derived products which helps to reduce protein loss for damaged and undamaged hair.. and to ensure our hair is balanced (no protein overload), we use the Sunflower Oil as a pre-wash (meaning we wet our hair first, apply the oil on the ends and mid shaft of the hair– then shampoo), then apply the Human Nature shampoo, apply conditioner and seal the moisture again with Sunflower Oil.  Right now, I am still dependentt on my Cream Silk Anti-Dandruff Conditioner, but is willing to try Human Nature Hair Conditioners as well (I am trying to find out which ones does not contain coconut oil though and instead have avocado oil— as our hair actually contains too much protein). However, I know that only a handful of women have this problem of too much protein on our hair (Africans usually also have too much protein on their hair too).. most women actually lack protein either because their hair naturally lack protein, or they use a lot of chemicals or physical manipulation– that it strips protein from their hair.  So, if you usually style your hair everyday and use chemicals to treat your hair, Human Nature Products will help you to bring back that much needed protein into your hair.

And for women like us, who have too much protein on their hair and still want to use Oils to seal the moisture… there is good news…. SUNFLOWER OIL does not work in the same way as coconut oil– meaning it does not contribute to PROTEIN OVERLOAD. See the studies here. So, here is how we are going to make use of our Human Nature Shampoos (given that we have too much protein, but we lack moisture… we will

1. On our wash days- Do pre-wash treatment of honey and sunflower oul first as our conditioner (yes we apply conditioner before shampooing)
2. Apply the Human Nature Shampoo
3. Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water
4. Apply a light non-protein conditioner (still on the lookout for a better conditioner that works on our coarse hair type– otherwise just use Cream Silk Conditioner)
5. Then seal the moisture with Sunflower Oil


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  1. Pamela permalink
    November 19, 2013 10:27 am

    Gusto ko ito sis

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