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Weekly Routine: Tame curly and wavy hair

December 10, 2013


Did you use silicone based hair products on your or your daughter’s hair?

If yes, clarify first by using a sulfate based shampoo one last time.
Only sulfate can remove silicone from your hair.  IF your shampoo creates a lot of lather, it is stripping your hair of its natural oils and most probably full of Sulfate.
However, if you skip this step, your siliconed hair may become stiff after the treatment instead of soft and silky.

If not, you can go ahead and try this routine starting with the DIY conditioner right away.

Whether you are straight, curly or wavy or just frizzy, after your last sulfate shampoo, please stay away from silicone and sulfates, as much as you possibly can.
Those are chemicals that can cause hormone imbalance and are also cancer causing.

If you create your own weekly routine, you will reduce if not eliminate your dependency on chemical laden hair products and overtime your life will be easier and more interesting too…

(it can be trial and error at first, but believe me there should be a natural routine that is right for you)… and this is a great way to spend quality time with your daughters.. and talk to them with your undivided attention.
This weekly routine worked for me, Z and A ( we all have different types of curly/wavy hair).

You may also try our routine to see if it works for you, then adjust based on your hair type.
Teach your daughters how to live healthily, beautifully and earth friendly– by doing it yourself and doing it with them.

So here is our WEEKLY Tame our CURLY/WAVY Hair Routine!

Step 1. Banana Honey Olive Oil – DIY Deep Conditioner

Step 2. Sulfate Free Shampoo (Human Nature Kids Natural Shampoo) –it is sulfate free so it does not lather at all.

Human Nature Singapore Discount Code: HNNM15

Step 3. Diluted ACV Rinse

Banana Honey Olive Oil – DIY Deep Conditioner (enough for 2 kids or 2 adults)

2 ripe bananas
2 tbsp olive oil or avocado oil (we alternate on a weekly basis)
2 tbsp honey

Blend everything together and apply on damp hair

How to damp your hair? (DUnk it on a pail of water or use a spray bottler or spritzer
Make sure you coat the hair with the diy conditioner as evenly as possible
Then bag your hair like this (then watch youtube or play games or watch TV for 30-45 minutes)!

Wash with a gentle sulfate free shampoo
>> our choice is Human Nature Natural Kids Shampoo (yes, I use my daughter’s shampoo- dont ask why! hmmm!)
If you just oiled your hair (meaning no honey nor banana) before shampooing you can just use a normal conditioner after washing with shampoo.

Rinse with water as thoroughly as possible.

Now, the diluted ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse.

In a measuring cup, pour 1/2 cup of ACV, top it up with 1 and 1/2 cup of distilled water (yes distilled water! just do it)

Again, this amount will be enough for mother and daughter.

Rinse with diluted ACV– let stay for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse again with distilled or filtered water.

After this, your curly/wavy hair will be tamer — soft, silky, smooth and shiny.

Below is the photo of my daughter Z and “M”‘s daughter A right after their hair treatment last Saturday.


Forgot to take before photos… but here is an example of natural afro hair style (which is also beautiful– we just tamed “A” hair for variety…


DON’T OVERDO the COCONUT OIL! If you are going to do this treatment every week, alternate your oils.

Limiting Coconut Oil to once every month..e.g.
Week 1: Olive Oil
Week 2: Avocado Oil
Week 3: Sesame Seed Oil
Week 4: Coconut Oil

and always combine the oils with natural humectants (like honey or aloe gel)
the banana is a great substitute for creams present in conditioners… the banana makes it easier to spread the oil
(if you have fresh avocado… you can substitute it for the banana and oil.. but avocados here are very expensive)…

HOWEVER, if your hair is fine, straight and damaged... go ahead and splurge on COCONUT OIL. IT is your best friend.
When your hair is already considerably healthy again, then try the baking soda/ACV rinse No-POO or LOW POO Method.

My next project is my niece’s frizzy hair! She (L) used to swim a lot in chlorinated swimming pool.
She is the best candidate for weekly COCONUT oil treatment.

Watch out for more of our healthy and pretty tips!

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