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The Water we drink on a daily basis

December 24, 2013

Distilled Water with fresh herbs or juiceOption #1. JUST FOR QUENCHING THIRST– and maybe a bit of nourishment
is a gallon of distilled water with a blade of lemon grass or sprig of mint
– we distill our own water
– the herbs are fresh and water is stored on glass containers near a sunny window
– this is like drinking rain water from a tree (you know like literally waiting for drops of water to fall from a tree while its raining?– assuming no ACID RAIN)

Option #2. QUENCH THIRST plus a bit of NOURISHMENT
half distilled water with half fresh juice (usually OJ as its cheap– otherwise apples and some local veggies.. e.g. kailan)

drink coconut water or freshly juice fruits and vegetables

What are the herbs and/or juices for? ==> Not just flavor.. its also for the plant minerals our bodies desperately need. Plant minerals specially in liquid form are easily assimilated (used) by the body.

Rock Minerals are for plants.. Plant Minerals are for HUMANS…

Rock Minerals are for Plants, Plant Minerals are for Humans

If Rock Minerals are for Plants and Plant Minerals are for HUMANS..

What does rock minerals do to our body then?

Should we buy those water systems that costs $3,000 sgd, and whose marketing materials include ANTI-CANCER, Alkaline, STructured Water, Ioinized water?
Before you decide, know the mechanisms first, and what it is trying to do..
Basically these expensive water systems, will distill the water first (not too bad)…. and then they will run it over rock minerals (Which is what makes it expensive).. some of them will also try to mimick the SUN and even the IONization that happens in natural waterfalls (the more they mimick nature, the more it gets expensive..)

View my video– for my opinion (but research further for your own’s sake and for your family’s sake):

More here:
Here is how our water is made useable by God’s design (however, we know that our environment is now dirty, as dirty MAN could make it to be–
How long are we going to ignore and neglect God’s creation? I don’t know… but this is God’s design.. let us not forget about it..
water cycle
Note that, water evaporates and then condenses back into the surface of the earth (point 1: this is natural distillation)..
Then it touches the highest point of the earth first (usually plants.. and then top soil)— this is what we call ground water.. and is the ideal water to drink….
Then it goes down to the lower parts of the earth..point 2- picking more rock minerals.. and then deposited back into the ocean..
My question is can you drink sea water? The answer is no.. God made it taste so salty and detestable so you wont drink it..
You know why? Its not made for you!!!
So, if you are going to buy a distiller (the old fashioned one.. not very expensive.. you are just mimicking God’s design on Point 1… not too bad right?)
However, of you are mimicking point 2- which is to pick up rock minerals– I guess this is crazy!
Why would you drink a bit of rock mineral everyday? In 10 years, you would have probably drank an equivalent of tons of sea water.
You may say, but we also pee all those water and minerals anyway.. so it would not accumulate… but hey! you are abusing your kidneys too!
And besides.. why would you take something that you know your body will get rid of anyway…you take something that the body will use and assimilate.. thats the most ideal thing to do..
but we easily believe every marketing collateral but ignore the Bible…
( I even saw this little shop at Dhoby Gaut Exchange… it says something like ” NATURAL CANCER ALTERNATIVE THERAPy”– as I looked closer.. they were selling expensive water system)…I wonder why did the government approved this establishment to use ALTERNATIVE CANCER THERAPY as its banner??It gives alternative therapy a bad name! Yeah, i really cant hold off writing about it.. I guess i shouldnt be paranoid that someone will be after me just by speaking/writing my own opinion
However, rock minerals are good for other living things.. e.g. plants and even fishes of the sea… if not for rock minerals our oceans will be a bed of bacteria and fungi…!
Ok, now I know why this blog does not get sponsorship…!:D Plant minerals have expiry dates. Rock Minerals dont.. in fact it can stay in your gut (if you dont have proper elimination system) forever.
Companies cannot patent plant minerals.. nor rock minerals.. but they can patent inventions that poorly mimicks nature! Sad!
You want nourishment while at the same time quench thirst? Drink your herbs and fruits!

Oh by the way, its good to bathe in sea water, so if you wash your face with water that goes through those systems, it will probably be just like splashing sea water on your face (just a lot more expensive that natural sea water) imho.. Also I think companies are hyping up the “alkaline” band wagon and most often use it out of context.. Yes cancer thrives in acidic environment and yes we need to eat/drink alkalanizing food, meaning food that triggers alkalanization e.g acid fruits such as oranges and lemons are acids but it turns alkaline within split second of a contact with your saliva. So, drinking “alkaline” water to me is similar to drinking “baking soda”water.. If you have fungi or cancer exposed on air, pour baking soda on it or anything alkaline, it will surely die in the same way molds in ur kitchen faucet die when u put baking soda on it, but your body is not a kitchen sink or kitchen counter or a faucet, it have very different dynamics, you cannot make your body alkaline by taking in alkaline substances as ur saliva will counteract and neutralize it, so it wont even reach your gut, your tumour/cancer even if it is right on top of your throat, it just does not work like that.

Rain water is really supposed to be mildly acidic as supposed to neutral. it has a ph between 5 to 7,for a reason e.g to make it an effective solvent and to kill bacteria/fungi) in marsh lands, certain bodies of water called bogs are filled with rain water, so some plants cant grow there as the water is mildly acidic (in the same way distilled water is mildly acidic , meaning ph is between 5 to 7), however , the reason why no plants grow on distilled water is not because distilled water kills the plant– but because the water does not have enough nutrient to sustain it. In the same way, when you bathe in distilled water, you wont die or melt because its acid content is very very low, perhaps even lower than your perspiration. But as it flows through other plants or rocks the acid is neutralized and it gets more nutrients from organic matter and become useable for plants..and the minerals processed by the plants to a form that animals and humans can assimilate.  You may ask, but grazing animals drink from these bodies of water, yes and most of these animals ( and even your pet dog) are just like humans they have saliva that neutralizes acids and/or alkalines. If you are like me, who likes playing in the rain as a child, will probably agree with me that your hair is a lot softer and shinier after a frolic in the rain ( same effect if you rinse your hair with diluted vinegar). So, you can drink rain water and distilled water and diluted vinegar, in moderation. IN MODERATION. (in the same way I would drink alcohol In moderation).between drinking rain water/distilled water and diluted vinegar, of course my choice would easily be distilled water though i know that if I drink natural vinegar from plants it will alkalanize my body ( no, i wont drink synthetic vinegars and certainly wont drink those so called “alkaline” water, unless dying of thirst). By the way, if rain water ph falls below 5 then it is acid rain, you would’nt want that, touching your skin or hair or even your tongue.. and remember acid rain is not from God, its man made either by total neglect, abuse or direct application of chemicals to produce artificial rain.

And just to conclude: I would drink more natural juice than I would drink distilled water.And if i have access to pristine spring , i would drink from it too. If the spring water is in a bottle, I wont unless again I have no other choice.

Is it true that distilled water leaches minerals from your body? I would probably say that the minerals you pee are your excess minerals, rock minerals that you should have not taken in the first place…If you want proof.. try to soak egg shells on distilled water for weeks and see if it dissolves the egg shells. Egg Shells will only dissolve on strong acids for a long period of time– ph of more than 5 for a say several days. Try egg shells on distilled water for several weeks… imagine how long distilled water will remain distilled water in any part of your body?? hmmm… you would either absorb the water,  or pee it within 2 hours.. so how can it dissolve your bone which is harder than egg shells?

But distilled water is used in car batteries and radiator! And liquid in car batteries are acidic!Arrgh! The liquid in car batteries are made up of 65% distilled water and 35% sulfuric acid.. the sulfuric acid makes it acidic not the distilled water. Actually you can also use tap water, and the resulting mixture will have the same ph – acidic!…perhaps you can also try your alkaline water.. and the resulting ph will be more or less the same.. the problem is tap water have chlorine and chlorine destroys car batteries!.who knows what the rock minerals in the “alkaline water” will do to the car batteries. Same goes for the car radiator, it needs pure distilled water, not because it is “acidic”, but because it is pure and has no contaminants that may destroy your radiator.

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