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Nanay’s Gold Cubes – The best way to take Curcumin

January 2, 2014


“Most people poorly absorb curcumin; taking Turmeric with a little good fat greatly increases curcumin absorption.” Doctor Russell Blaylock MD

Most people poorly absorb curcumin. Doctor Blaylock has found that taking curcumin with a little good fat (See Fat Soluble Nutrients Protocol) increases Curcumin absorption.

 For serious problems consider one to two grams of curcumin a day in divided dose taken with food. IMO EVERYONE over 40 or so should take some curcumin at least once a week or so; just for its iron chelating and anti-cancer properties if noting else.

For this reason, we no longer buy the expensive Curcumin capsules and instead try find different ways of getting our daily dosage of Curcumin from either fresh turmeric (Ideally) or the powdered turmeric. There were times wherein we put the turmeric powder (the type you buy from grocery stores) and just put them into capsules. And Nanay religiously took the required daily 8 grams dosage for 2 years.. until there was a time, she felt she can not take it like this anymore. She developed some form of allergic reaction which made her fall out of love with Curcumin/Turmeric powder, and I believe its because it is not absorbed by the body.

So, she boiled the fresh rhizomes instead as a tea… until we realized, Curcumin is soluble in fat or oil. We tried trying to dissolve the turmeric powder in oil, but still its really hard to swallow. The powder seems to scratch my throat and esophagus… So we never took Turmeric for almost a year I think.

My father always get athlethe’s foot which prompted me to create these golden cubes not only for him to address the inflammation (internally and externally). Yes, I intended that he takes some of this internally, and the rest to be applied directly into his athlethe’s foot. And to add more anti-fungal properties to it,I added  Oregano Oil from Barefoot HErbalist. Actually, if I only have 1 ingredient for all sorts of issues it would be Oregano Oil, but the taste is too strong so its hard to take therapeutic dosages of oregano if you take it in its pure form.

200 grams of turmeric rhizomes (or enough to make 1/2 cup of juice)
1/4 cup coconut oil (curcumin is fat soluble)
1/4 cup aloe vera as an emulsifier and also to soothe the digestive system
14 cloves of garlic for the anti microbial effect

1. Wait for turmeric sediments to settle at the bottom (this is the best material for creams)
2. Filter the sediments and put it away for future use
3. Add the coconut oil and aloe vera gel — so the liquid mixture will now be about 1 cup
4. Blend on high, until creamy and smooth (it will smell like curry)
5. Put the mixture in an ice cube trays (this will yield about 14 cubes)
6. Freeze the mixture
7. Once frozen, take 1 cube at a time, divide 1 cube to 8 pieces so you can easily swallow it

Frozen Cubes - divided into smaller pieces so that it can be easily swallowed

Frozen Cubes – divided into smaller pieces so that it can be easily swallowed

Other interesting reads:

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines for general health promotion for adults is a daily dose of 2 to 5 g of fresh garlic (approximately one clove), 0.4 to 1.2 g of dried garlic powder, 2 to 5 mg of garlic oil, 300 to 1,000 mg of garlic extract, or other formulations that are equal to 2 to 5 mg of allicin.. Read Moree

For, Athlethe’s foot, some experts recommend simply adding a few finely crushed cloves of garlic to a foot bath and soaking the affected foot for 30 minutes, or mincing a few garlic cloves, mixing the minced garlic with olive oil, and then using a cotton ball to rub some of the solution on the affected area.Read More

This is a bit too graphic, but a strong proof that Turmeric helps in skin disorders caused by inflammation:

The product was developed by a Singaporean doctor, but it contains alcohol as a preservative and a solvent. It also contains aloe vera gel which helps to soothe irritated skin. Nanays Golden Cubes, contain coconut oil as a solvent and we use pure turmeric juice instead of the powdered extract. THe only drawback to our cubes is that it will easily spoil, so we to keep it in the freezer (therefore we cannot earn money from it heheheh!)…and make a fresh batch everytime. My fingernails are also now very yellow (stains)…I have also added garlic to provide anti-microbial properties and of course Oregano oil for its potent anti-fungal properties. When applied topically, to my father’s raw skin (athlethe’s foot), he said it stings a bit but provides relief from the itchiness, upon exposure to air the yellow mixture turns red, due to the sulfur from the garlic. Its showing remarkable improvement now — it better be as we are addressing this internally and externally– I just hope that he would also change his diet, so he can overcome this recurrent athlethe’s foot once and for all.

At the time Nanay was on a 40 juice fast based on BeetRoot, she was also taking about 700ml of strong Turmeric Tea daily. Then after that she was on 8 grams of Curcumin capsules daily for about 6 months, then about 8 grams of Turmeric capsules daily for another 6 months. All this while she have iron deficiency anemia, which is a contra-indication for turmeric/curcumin as it is an iron chelator… meaning it pulls iron from the body. However its iron chelating properties is advantageous for cancer patients as it removes iron from tumuors and therefore reduces its life source.

I am also still trying to understand how iron is metabolised ..again am not a medical practitioner.. just someone passionate about analyzing seemingly unrelated issues (but are actually related)…

Ferritin in Blood/Plasma?

Iron absorbed from the intestine is stored as ferritin in intestinal epithelium or transported in plasma as transferrin. Erythroid progenitors obtain iron for hemoglobin synthesis from plasma transferrin or from recycling of senescent erythrocytes by macrophages in bone marrow, spleen and liver. Iron that is in excess for that required for hemoglobin production is stored in macrophages as ferritin, which is oxidized to hemosiderin. These stores can be released from macrophages in times of need (increased erythropoiesis). More here

Measuring the plasma ferritin concentration is also useful for the detection of excess body iron ….

The concentration of circulating ferritin was measured in 250 normal adult women and 229 women presenting with early breast cancer. Ferritin concentrations are higher in cancer patients than in normal women. Patients with an intial circulating ferritin concentration above 200 mug/1 have a higher tumour recurrence rate during the subsequent 4 years.. More Here

 So there are 2 types of ferritin 1.) stored ferritin and 2.) circulating ferritin or the plasma ferritin.
Based on the diagram above.. stored ferritin is on the left side of the diagram– the intestines
while the plasma or circulating ferritin is inside the macrophages or the plasma/fluid/serum of the blood

OK– so if you already have breast cancer (or probably any malignancy), and your circulating ferritin is very high– you have a higher tumuor recurrence than those who have breast cancer but have lower circulating ferritin. WHAT? you mean if you have breast cancer and have anemia at the same time, then you have better chances of surviving? YES! YES! YES!

Ok, let us read more from this article..More Here
Excess iron is dangerous, because it promotes free radical production. Whole body iron levels are regulated primarily at the level of absorption by enterocytes, there is no regulated pathway for active excretion of iron (can only occur by bleeding or sloughing of iron-laden enterocytes). Regulation of iron uptake by enterocytes and release of iron stores from macrophages and hepatocytes is mediated by the hormone hepcidin, and its effect on ferroportin (see above). Hepcidin decreases serum iron by decreasing iron absorption and preventing macrophages from releasing iron (causing iron sequestration)

What happens when there is an excess of anything? REGULATION! when prices of commodities continue to rise up.. REGULATION Takes place..
When you have excess IRON==> REGULATION need to take place…

but how? BLOOD LETTING? LEECHES? You may not believe this but this is actually done in medieval times as a valid medical procedure ouch!!

Our body will also automatically trigger a SELF-REGULATING mechanism—when there is an excess of IRON.. by calling in a MEDIATOR– a hormone called Hepcidin..

What will the mediator do? The mediator (Hepcidin)- will put a RED LIGHT on iron supply on its way to plasma==> then reallocate it to the liver, heart and spleen.


The problem is the mediator, Hepcidin, will continue pumping iron to your liver,kidney, heart.. but block iron to your plasma/blood.
So, its the perpetual unending cycle…when the doctor measures your plasma IRON content– it says you have low iron.. so doctor will ask you to get more IRON supplements.. when in fact you have excess IRON to begin with..

In Summary: if we have low ferritin levels in our plasma at the time of our breast cancer diagnosis (which is the case for my mother), should we be thankful about your body’s magnificient wisdom to regulate our iron stores? The reason why you have low ferritin levels is because you have IRON SEQUESTRATION or ANEMIA OF more here which is actually caused by oversupply of IRON!! and not the lack of IRON… IMHO–then TURMERIC it is ! and drink lots of it with fat so that it will be dissolved and absorbed by the INTESTINES and to chelate excess circulating ferritin.

Since Macrophages are mentioned here, you will notice that there is a small amount of ferritin within the macrophages inside the plasma. When combined with oxalates/oxalic acid of beetroot or other plant with oxalate/oxalic acid, the combination becomes cytoxic to cancer cells.. the macrophages also burst when these enzymes from plants, activates the macrophages. When macrophages are activated it becomes a mean fighting machine.. it eats aliens in our bodies as big as worms and parasites.. read my blog entry about Parasites and Beets here

PRECAUTION: Do not take ASPIRIN or any blood thinning medication with TURMERIC and GARLIC!
And as I have always said, I am not a medical practitioner, conduct your own research before embarking on either alternative or conventional medicine.

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