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Leave your worries behind on a checklist

January 23, 2014

– kids go to school half of the day then stay at home with grandparents or household help who are also having challenges managing their time at home in the same way you manage your time at work
– you mentally check each item on the way to work or on the way home or worse you think about it the whole day
– you dont want to be a tiger mom nor a wishy washy mom

– delegate without delegating (grandparents and household help sometimes get annoyed) . Create a simple list that kids and adults will easily understand with minimum adult supervision for completion of task (e.g say “nanay pls rest for a while and sit beside Z at 3 pm to 3:30 while she do her homework… You can just do nothing just sit there on my behalf”
– create a workable before bed routine ( older kids from 5 and up can be trained on weekends where to get their supplies and what to do when clock strikes at 6pm)
– my opinion: we should not over rely on tuition teachers and centers, kids just need structure at home so they can learn how to manage their time so they have enough time for play ( if z drags her feet in doing homework she knows she will lose her play time). Besides traveling to and fro to tuition centers after school is a logistic nightmare. Id rather the child have enough time to play and rest so he/ she can focus on what the teacher is saying the next day.
– most importantly soften the environment with soft toys and little love notes
– leave water bottles and cut fruits in small containers where kids can easily reach for them ( similar to racks in kindy where kindies put their water bottles and lunch boxes). But, my kids wont eat fruits? Experiment. Trial and error . Dont fuss if they dont eat the fruits. Just eat the left over fruits when you get home ( and eat it with gusto while kids are watching)

Whatever you cant do and is outside of your control, leave it to God… You cannot outlove God, God loves your kids more than you do.. He just let you borrow them for a while..ask for His guidance.. Seek for His comfort and teach your child how to depend on His grace

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