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Morning Meditation – sets the mood for days to come

January 28, 2014

Morning meditation with my daughter Z last 15th January

Z: Good Morning mom! What are you reading? Why is the text red? And the others black?
Mom: the red text are what Jesus actually said ..
Z: how did He do that?
M: He shared parables with people and someone wrote the stories for Him
Z: so which story are you reading?
M: am still praying for Him to guide me which parable I should read todAy
Z: mom, you know I have 4 stickers yesterday, but I did nothing I just kept quiet.. Mom read this.. Pointing to:

So, I read it aloud while she listened and silently read the passages beside me…

Then she drew something on her whiteboard, a big man talking to a little girl, and another man behind the big man holding medals..

who are those zRah? The big man is a daddy just like tito Bong and the girl is a daughter just like my cousin. And the small man? Its someone giving the daddy medals.. Why? For his talent!

today (that was 15th January) as I sit on the bus, i am saying a prayer for all the dads in the world, my brother, my boss, my father–/ may You receive what you and your daughter earnestly need today.


And that whatever they receive be it one or five talentS, use it dont hide it….

And to all single moms like me who act like a dad too, may it well be with our souls


The benefits of praying, is not actually about the prayer being answered.. but the conversation established and the relationship being nurtured with a living God… it does not change God’s will for our lives.. but it changes us.

If we are not confident about our skills, we draw confidence from God.. if we think others are given more talents and we only have one.. we have to see it from God’s point of view..He gives us everything He Knows we can effectively manage…it does not matter if you are given 5, 3 or 1 talent.. the important measure is the returns.. if you are given 5 and you return 5 thats a 100% – if you are given 1 and you return 1 —

If we have skills but too scared or too burned to showcase it (as you know the more skills you have– the more is expected from you.. and it never stops).. but here God is admonishing us to use it not to compete but to give Glory to the one who gave it in the first place.

The last few weeks, it seems my manager is calmer (perhaps he got what he needed so bad– appreciation and respect)..

The past few months it was hard for me to pray for myself, because so far everything that I have prayed for have been given to me and more. However, I felt that I have not done enough to Glorify Him…. so I was embarassed to ask something for myself. Everyday when I wake up in the morning, all I can say is thank you Lord for giving me extra time with nanay, for giving me Z as my daughter. For giving me a job that pays our bills (I probably have to ask for wisdom on spending wisely)… I cannot bring myself to ask for more as I am not sure if I can handle the responsibility (the more you receive, the more responsibility to be a good steward on what was given you).. if you were given the power and authority to lead a team of people.. it comes with responsibility.

But I know that I cannot keep hiding from Him, I cannot NOT pray because its like losing the most important conversation in my life. There is no such thing as OVER COMMUNICATION.. sometimes we perhaps OVER PRAY.. and I dont think its a bad thing.. I know that we cannot ask God to do what we want.. only what He wills for us.. but it also pleases Him when we engage.. when we continue to communicate even in times of confusion…specially when things are going OK (at least OK than before)…

Therefore, I prayed for others.. not knowing that what God wanted me to pray for others.. is the same prayer I would have prayed for myself…and for my daughter.

THis is why the Bible is a living book.. this is why prayer does not always guarantee that we get what we want when we want it.. but it assures us that God will give us what we needed at the perfect time in place.. to the point that it will be so clear to us.. that we will have to ask for it in humility and not demanding for something we dont deserve. Cause we know that when the desire is God given.. we know its what we needed.. and its easier to ask and to RECEIVE!

The past few days.. my father started asking me every morning.. do you want coffee? And yes, I said i want coffee! In a few seconds the mug of coffee is there..piping HOT (I Know ! I know! coffee is not healthy and I should stop drinking it.. but what do you say when its your father’s way of showing affection he withdrew from you for years.. all I can say is.. receive and be happy!

When we pray we have to realize that we are not in a position to command a God, we are praying to somebody entirely different from us, a God who knows and sees the future- we pray on what is best for us as He sees it, Not as we see it.

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