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Alternative Antibiotics – Organic Herbal Nutrients (OHN) for Plants, Animals and Humans

March 30, 2014

An English Translation of this Youtube Video



5kg combination of the following:

Red Chilli Peppers


I am Sandy of Sunshine Chicken. In our previous video, we talked about how we dont use chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics for our chickens

We would like to share with you some of our concoctions


Let us start with OHN. Oriental Herbal Nutrients. We choose plants that have pesticide, fungicidal and antibiotic properties such as garlic, onion, red chili peppers, ginger… depending on what is plentiful in your farm. This is used as fungicide for plants. For animals, it is used as preventive medicine- natural antibiotic and preventive solution for colds, flu and other sickness that animals may get.  OHN is easy to make.This is fermented. Why do we need to ferment? We can magnify the properties of the plants by fermenting, because fermenting makes it easy to breakdown the young shoots of the plants (she is referring to garlic, onions, ginger). The alcohol in the fermentation process helps to speed up the process.

THIS IS not an alternative to vaccinations (for chickens), but an alternative to antibiotics. This is used as preventive so it is given before the chickens get sick or when infections just started to set in.

5 kg of any combination of garlic/onions/ peppers/ginger. We chop them up.. so that fiber will be broken down.


Step 1:  chop the ingredients and put it in a big jar or pail

Step 2: cover the mixture with beer (here we used 3 liters of beer)

Step 3: cover with unprocessed paper (Manila paper) — paper with no prints (dont use newspaper— and secure with rubber band. Store in a cold and dry place. Let it ferment for 12 hours

Step 4: Add 1 kg molasses


(Note: Molasses is  called pulot in the Philippines- its a by product of sugar making from sugar cane. You can buy it from – Bulacan feed mills or from suppliers of raw materials for feeds. Just look at the dilution. ITs cheaper to use molasses than using sugar. Molasses is only 12 pesos per kilo. Its important to use pure molasses. Diluted molasses will not help your plants or animals.

Step 5: Cover it again with unprocessed Manila paper. And let ferment for 7 days

This can be used for humans too. For humans, we use muscovado sugar or coco sugar instead of molasses. Whatever is good for humans then its good for plants and animals too. From time immemorial we use garlic, turmeric as alternative medicines. So we use the same principle here.

Step 6: We add either gin or coconut vinegar. If you use 3 liters of beer to cover the ingredients. Use 3 liters of gin or coconut vinegar to cover the solution again.

Step 7:  Time to harvest the OHN. Just filter out the sludge. This is considered the first cycle

My comment:  , the product of the first cycle — we can call as extra virgin OHN (perhaps)

Step 8:  Repeat Step 4-7  for the 2nd cycle

Step 9: Repeat STep 4-7, for the 3rd cycle…


How to use?

2 tbsps of OHN per liter of water

Use this as spray for once a week for your plants in the farm or drinking water for your chickens (every 3 days)- as preventive. At the start of any illness– use as drinking water for chickents for 3 consecutive days.

You dont need to go to town to buy antibiotics— because you have all the incredients in the farm or at home.



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  1. Dexter permalink
    March 7, 2016 3:46 pm

    Can i buy a ready made OHN?

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