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Negative for -Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

July 5, 2014

OK! so.. why am I not actively blogging anymore? Well, 1. am a bit depressed. I tried to start brisk walking/running again (as you can see in my last entry)… and had started feeling some pain on my knee (which I ignored and tried to keep to myself– as I was embarrassed. and that’s actually why I have been ignoring my friend’s invitation to exercise together)…. what after all this hoo haa about this healthy living.. I have knee pain? How could it be? I am still 2 years short of 40… am not that old yet..

So I kept everything to myself.. until a swimming hiccup.. made me almost immobile for 2 weeks. My best friend “M”, nagged me to see a doctor as it could be DVT. And I said what DVT? Never heard of it.. and was even making fun of her suggestion. Then she said, its a life threatening issue. its a blood clot in the deep veins in the leg which can travel to the heart and lungs and cause embolism in no time. In my mind>> NOOO!! That could not happen to me!! NOO!!..of course being the concerned friend that she is.. she nagged me to see a doctor. In fact she is even angry at me today, for not returning her calls for a day (she probably thought I had a stroke or what).

Anyway– just to rule it out… I saw a doctor a week ago.. who advised me to take blood thinning medication (I hid it on my drawer) and drank copious amount of turmeric juice/tea (sometimes adding garlic to it)…then I saw a vascular /DVT specialist yesterday… who again negated the idea. He said it could just be a fracture. He did a very detailed ultrasound of my legs.. starting from the groins.. back of the knee to my ankle. He said my nerves (close and open ) as its supposed to do.. so its normal. He did see small clots on my ankles.. but that doesn’t even need blood thinners!!! Hah! good thing I did not take those awful sounding blood thinner (WARFARIN).

Popular Videos about DVT here:

(Quoting MH: Blood Clots are not to be messed with– if self experimenting on herbs is not of high priority for you– go to the MD immediately)

I did some lower body yoga exercises in bed to keep the circulation going on my leg== as if I lie down too long, sit too long or stand too long.. I would feel the pain again. Last night I had an acupuncture session. Not sure if it was just the acupuncture or the exercises or both that helped me. Now I can walk without my limp being noticeable.. but I still feel depressed you know why? The vascular specialist ask my mother, why she is so slim and I am so fat (my mother just shared it with me after I asked her why they were laughing when I was at the ultrasound area)…hmmm! not good! not good really!

Why is it easier to nurture other people than for me to nurture myself? Why am I so stressed lately? Well its because I have stopped going to church and Bible studies for almost a year! I can never really escape the realities of this world but I missed the fellowship with my fellow believers.

 He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other. That is why it is just no good asking God to make us happy in our own way without bothering about religion. God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.”

—C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (HarperOne, 1980), pp. 49–50.


I also have to stop making excuses about being too busy to exercise. I also have to start taking turmeric tea/juice again, to keep my blood at an ideal “thinness”.. to reduce the risk of DVT.  I am so grateful to M for bringing this to my attention– so that I could prevent it.. its a wakeup call.. am not that young anymore.. I cannot just be complacent– — and go back to my old lifestyle…specially when feeling well.

Anyway, my friends at HilawMOM will be meeting with Malcolm Slyper of this coming Tuesday (July 8 2014).. please visit my FB page and comment if you are interested to meet us. We are still contemplating to meet at Geylang or at CHoa Chu Kang.


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