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These are the books that we keep reading and reading and reading again

Click HERE for the FREE BOOK (printable). suggest that you bind it yourself.

One Answer to Cancer by Dr. William Kelly
This one is FREE and has been instrumental to Nanay’s acceptance of God’s offer of salvation.But we do not take enzyme supplements anymore due to doubts about quality of the supplements.
Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson
Click the image of you want to buy a copy for yourself
This is a simplified version of Max Gerson’s original book.,We keep coming back to this to read the instructions for the coffee enema as well as the recipes for Hippocrates soup etcetera. But again we do not take Lugols Iodine– instead we buy from Master Herbalist in the US.
Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark
We keep reading this for Dr. Clarks outstanding research on parasites  as a root cause of most diseases. It contains lots and lots of recipes from personal care products to food and medicine. Some of her statements/methods can be quite eccentric. Tip: Buy the book, follow her Liver Flush method to a T, but instead of buying herbs and tinctures from other websites, buy it from a Master Herbalist who have perfected Clark’s methods and removed the bad practices of using chemically made supplements… read
Cure for Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel
Love the Teeth remineralizing protocol written in this book plus some of Rami Nagel’s personal experiences. The premise is good, but then I am still hesistant in taking FCLO for long term. We did for a time then we stopped. Also the GAP diet is not sustainable – it takes too much time.. MH way of restoring health still makes sense to me.
Gospel for Health by Valerie Saxon
A combination of all the good things from Gerson’s, Rammi Nagel’s and Hulda Clark’s books with Biblical references to the Levitical Diet. Highly recommendable to those who do not have cancer yet in the family—as preventive care without losing sight of Biblical perspectives in healing and healthy living.

Books published before the 1950’s (more honest, no intention for commercial gains)

Mucusless Diet Healing Diet by Professor Arnold Ehret

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